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  • Twitter Personal Branding Q + A #14

    Responses to recent tweets by people about personal branding and Gen-Y, Twitter, presentations and lack of focus.

    Taylor B., @thbrogan, twittered: can my personal brand involve not taking twitter too seriously? because i enjoy this option.

    Jacob Share, @jacobshare: “Taking Twitter seriously” should mean carefully using Twitter to achieve your personal branding goals (in this case). If the personal brand you’re trying to build is one that’s a little lighthearted, then you can not only joke around on Twitter, you should.

    However, if you’re trying to build a brand on a very conservative or weighty topic where your wink-winks are more likely to be frowned upon or just misunderstood, open a separate a Twitter account for professional purposes and keep the first one for happier chatting with friends.

    Jeff Bodzewski, @bodzewski, twittered: Starting to develop my guest lectures on personal branding I’ll deliver to business students – any advice out there?

    Jacob Share, @jacobshare: Sure:

    1. What is/isn’t personal branding, how it relates to you and your industry (with examples) and the 2 keys to personal branding success
    2. How to choose your personal branding goals and choose the right personal brand for you: one that will be authentic, that will help you achieve your personal/professional goals, and one whose personal branding goals you will be able to achieve
    3. How to craft a person branding strategy to reach those goals
    4. How to execute your personal branding strategy, short-term to long-term: best tools & best practices

    Tanya Upthegrove , @tanyaupthegrove, twittered: Question… How are you using Google+ to enhance your personal branding efforts? Does it truly add value or increase visibility? How?

    Jacob Share, @jacobshare: With the launch of Google’s Search Plus Your World, using Google+ has become a necessity for anyone building their personal brand online. As of this launch, Google’s search results put extra emphasis on information coming from Google+, so even just cross-posting information to your Google+ profile will increase the likelihood of it being found higher or more often in Google SERPs.For other ways of using Google+ to build your brand, check out 3 Ways Google Plus Can Save Your Personal Brand.

    Laura La, @laurala, twittered: Is it smart personal brand marketing or just masturbation to use one of your Twitter accounts to give your main account extra Klout points?

    Jacob Share, @jacobshare: It all depends to what extreme you want to take this.

    If you have a couple of accounts and just ‘tip’ one of them, there’s nothing wrong with that and you can just call it giving yourself a small leg up. Many people do the same, such as Liking their own blog posts.

    In a different league though, there are aggressive, black hat marketers out there who plan networks of accounts that they can then use to build the following/Klout points/etc. of a specific account of theirs with a laser-focus, making it look much more credible and popular than it is. That manipulation is obviously wrong and not something an upstanding person would do.


    Jacob Share, a job search expert, is the creator of JobMob, one of the biggest blogs in the world about finding jobs. Follow him on Twitter for job search tips and humor.

    Jacob Share, a job search expert, is the creator of JobMob, one of the biggest blogs in the world about finding jobs. Follow him on Twitter for job search tips and humor.

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