Would you like to showcase your top resume skills and make more connections?

There are several personal portal websites that can help you do that: About.me, Vizify and RebelMouse are just a few.

If you like the simple, better approach, then About.me is the right service to incorporate into your job seeking efforts. The website, which is based out of San Francisco, includes an easy-to-use platform where your experience and achievements can be displayed all in one place.

The benefit of an About.me page is that users are able to create a one-page summary with a large sized photograph about who you are and how to contact you through social media, a website, and email. This provides a simple access point to your online identity that is beautifully displayed on a computer and mobile devices. This free service also allows you to measure and track different page metrics, like number of visitors and who views your page.

How to get started

Setup is fairly quick and easy with About.me. Upon arriving at the website, you will first be asked to enter your full name and email address. Once you fill out the necessary information, choose “Create Your Page,” and then get started with customization.

The next steps are very important in order to make your profile and skills stand out from the rest.

• Click and drag your biography to a prominent place on the page

• Edit your page to include a custom background

• Add and connect your active social networks and fully complete your biography and contact information along with website links

• Use Explore Pages to connect with other users who have similar skills

• Compliment users and tweet about their page for social engagement

• Create a list and include new connections

• Be sure to thank others who compliment your About.me page

As you showcase your skills on About.me new connections are sure to appear as this service has become very popular. Be sure to login each day to check on any new compliments and followers. It won’t be long either before your other social networks start to grow as you share tweets and Facebook posts about your activity. This is a great way to let prospective employers know that you are not only social media savvy, but is also a good place to share your skills and links to important networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.