By virtue of reading this blog, you are a member of an elite community.  You may never have an opportunity like the one you do right now to learn, share and grow with me and other authors in developing your personal brand.

Knowledge without action is great for conversations at barbecues and cocktail parties.  You are better than that and I suspect have aspirations far greater or you would not take the time to read this blog.  I implore you to start the process of changing your experience by changing your behavior.  I am not suggesting that you tear apart your entire process but I am suggesting that you look under the hood occasionally to make sure that you are not running out of oil.  Fortunately, you are halfway there by soaking up the insight disseminated by this talented team each week.

Our goals are your goals.  We have no hidden agenda other than helping you to be more successful. We are here to share information and our experiences while also listening and offering guidance.  If you insist on reading and not acting then you are making a huge mistake.  I am also curious as to how you plan to improve your situation right now while also planning for your future if you are resistant to new ideas.  I get it that change is uncomfortable but being a “me too” brand is uncomfortable the last time I checked.  You can certainly travel this road by yourself. My recommendation would be to jump in the “HOV” lane with us and cruise by the other cars stuck in traffic. We all have choices.  Choose wisely my friend!

It is about progress not perfection.

“If you stop learning today you will stop leading tomorrow”.   Howard Hendricks

Author: Devin Hughes, The Chief Inspiration Officer is a former college basketball player, sales, marketing and personal branding aficionado, professional speaker, part-time academic and frequent eclectic thinker.  He draws on a variety of ideas, disciplines and trends to inspire “Big Thoughts” and facilitate conversations as a catalyst for meaningful change.  He is a graduate of Colgate University; he lives in Southern California with his wife and four daughters.  Follow him on Twitter.  Connect with him on Facebook and Linkedin. His website is  He is available upon request for consultation.