As a personal brand your goal should be to bring in just the right client into your business — a person or company who expresses mutual interest in what you have to offer. But what does that niche look like?

That is where precise market research comes in to gather data and give your brand a well-rounded picture of your target market, which becomes a unique client profile. Your data should be as specific as possible. Think of it as a visual of what the ideal client would look like.

Creating a profile of your target market is a fairly simple, and even enjoyable process. Your brand will have more clarity on their niche, which creates more focus and less waste in marketing to your audience. Here are a few steps you can take in painting the right picture of your client.

How to create a client profile

Determine the demographics of your audience – Research factors like age, gender, location, level of education, occupation, income, and family structure. This will start your profile with a more personalized view of who your target market is.

How does your target market live? – It is important to know the lifestyle of your audience, which is referred to as psychographic data. Find out what they like to do in their free time as well as personal habits and places they like to go and shop in.

What are the morals and values of your community? – There are many different beliefs people may have, and this can include what your audience personally believes, religious preference, societal beliefs, and so on.

Find the main problems your niche needs to solve – Pay attention to where the pain points are of your target market. With this information your brand can offer the right solution that meets their exact needs.

After conducting your research you should create a picture or detailed profile description of your target market for your personal brand. This can be a creative process for you and/or your team, and helps you see who your audience really is. This is especially beneficial when communicating with them online by keeping it personal.