What the News Can Teach Us All

Free business mentorship is available in traditional print and online. From an unbiased perspective, take this challenge:

Read the articles of attention grabbing headlines as a police detective might do. Scour for motive, values and principles behind each piece revealed, and all the people potentially involved. Once you have thoroughly been informed by the article, consider your thought on how you might have behaved had the incident involved you.

Success lifts when values, goals and resolve are in alignment

Today’s News

For example, today’s news is about Bridge-Gate. Would you have taken the risk in anticipation of furthering your political career? In this case, it didn’t work out too well for the people facing prison. But what if the decision had gone the other way, would it then have been a smart move for advancement? Both politics and business involve risk. The question becomes how to judge the risk one might take.

Your News

Now apply what you uncovered to how you conduct business and treat clientele.

Do you:

  • Work for a team victory every time (you and the client)?
  • Strive to resolve issues as quickly as possible?
  • Deliver a superior service?

By working for the greater good and not just quick money from the sale, good results improve very quickly. The first reason is your automatically differentiate yourself from most everyone else. Your personal brand becomes known as ‘the trusted one’. This is the turning point for building a loyal clientele and one that refers you to others.

Business risk taking may simply be seen, by newcomers, as calling on the executive suite or following up when scared to do so. Other risk factors, for the more seasoned, will include the launch of a new business, as well as new services or products. Trying new methodologies also pose risk, but is the type of risk that needs to be taken in order to advance forward.

Compare Notes

The type of risk suggested is for the betterment of business as well as the client. When you are able to advance everyone’s goals and eliminate challenges, it becomes a big win. This produces the invitation to return and provide more of the same after the initial sale.

The risk shared in the news was that of violating one’s basic values and principles for doing the right thing. (Tears were seen on the face of one person involved.) Unfortunately, the way things turned out, future careers and lifestyle will be greatly altered from what could have been.

News articles are an excellent reminder for how we should move forward in our endeavors.

Sales Tips

  1. Remain up to date on activities and transactions around you.
  2. Consider all opposing views to take the best and eliminate the rest.
  3. Observe how those views are expressed and the motives behind them.
  4. Before taking action, be certain your values and priorities match with the risk in mind.
  5. Learn from incidents that affect you; not everything works out to perfection.
  6. Mentor those coming up behind you.
  7. Stay the course of the high road.
  8. Work for the greater good.
  9. Develop a respected reputation.
  10. Celebrate success.

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!