After reading Chris Brogan’s 50 Power Twitter Tips I started really thinking about how people are using Twitter. The tips are insightful and should be read by everyone who using, thinking about using, and obsessing over Twitter. While most of the tips Chris covers are included in my book, Twitter Marketing for Dummies, it is important to point out a few more things and maybe… ask some questions!

How people use Twitter

Below are questions outlining the ways that you use Twitter….Choose the answer that best fits you:

1. While on Twitter you click every link that interests you
A. For the most part
B. When bored
C. If it pertains to my work
D. I’d rather retweet then actually read it

2. Twitter is where I go to vent in under 140 characters 😉
A. Only if pertains something other then myself, such as news
B. I typically hold nothing back
C. Not usually
D. I guess

3. I find the majority of my current news on:
A. Twitter or other social sites
B. Sometimes Twitter, wherever
C. I check it but it’s not my only source
D. If I’m on Twitter I’ll read what’s going on

4. I found out about Twitter from:
A. A reliable source
B. I wrote the book
C. My boss
D. My best friend

Which Twitter category fits you the best?

A. Informative
B. Personal
C. Business
D. Bandwagoner

Your Twitter personality

All or Mostly A’s- You are an Informant. It’s good to gather and share news on Twitter. However, if that’s all you’re doing then you’re missing the action. Yes, Twitter is a great source for news but it’s also a great place share your own news. You can also connect with other people who share your interests, business ideas, and more. Don’t be short sighted!

All or Mostly B’s-You are Twitter for your own Personal reasons. Cool. Let’s get one thing straight. People don’t want to follow someone who only talks about themselves. Also be sure to understand the power that Twitter can have for your business purposes. Although your account is for personal reasons you can still share and contribute for your business goals. Remember whatever you are posting is how people (who don’t know) will view you.

All or Mostly  C’s- You are on Twitter for Business. Whether for yourself or for your boss. It’s good to be using Twitter for business but be sure you are engaging with your followers. It’s more important to share others’ information more than your own. Self promotion is boring. Also, people like interacting with people. They want to get to know the people behind the business. (Plus spamming is obnoxious and will be ignored.)

All or Mostly D’s- So you jumped on the Bandwagon?  You are only on Twitter because everyone else is. You are rarely on and have little to contribute. Let’s face it you sometimes forget you even have an account. I’m not dogging you here, but don’t just join Twitter because everyone else has. Think about some creative ways to really use Twitter for your benefit. You never know you may have some really great ideas!