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    40 Ways to Build Trust in Your Personal Brand on Social Media

    In the new economy there is one major truth that stands above the rest. Trust equals revenue. If you are a small to mid-sized business or organization, it is the amount of trust you can build between people that strengthens your brand. Whether we are talking about donors or customers,  it is about building trust …

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    20 LinkedIn Case Studies for Personal Branding

    1. Frank Coletta, CEO at Mobile Advanced Care in Brazil, uses LinkedIn to research professionals before meeting with them. He finds that he uncovers important insights that he would have otherwise not known.

    2. James Filbird in China gets 75% of his business from LinkedIn. He has found that the quality of information, people, and …

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    Social Media Engagement from Honesty to Trust

    In his book, Emotional Branding, Marc Gobe talks about taking a brand from honesty to trust. Even though a bit dated, his book is a must read for anyone in the marketing and branding sectors. This is especially true for the individual trying to enhance their personal brands. In the book he has a section …

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    3 Important Rules to Remember When Tweeting

    We need you to be safe and courteous when using Twitter to build our personal brands… period. Twitter can be an extremely powerful tool if used correctly and it is important for all of us to remember the rules. There are three important rules when jumping into the world of tweeting.

    1. Don’t Drive and …

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    New Facebook Groups and Your Personal Brand

    The social world has become much more social lately with the release of The Social Network or affectionately dubbed, “The Facebook Movie.” Now more than ever, people are flocking to the Internet to connect with their friends, check out potential dating prospects, find out what time that party is tonight, and send messages to loved …

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    You Have More Influence Than Ashton

    The debate over quality vs. quantity is one to consider when using Twitter. The amount of influence a user has on Twitter is not direct reflection of the amount of followers. So the debate favors quality.

    According to Mashable a study done by Northwestern indicates that celebrities with millions of followers are mostly ignored on …

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    Are You Vomiting Through Social Media?

    When writing your blog, participating in social media, or just communicating (period), it is important to remember that your readers and participants are consuming your data. There is plenty of regurgitation happening on the Internet… an idea is started on one end of the world and re-written hundreds of times (even thousands of times). Where …

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    The Difference Between Being Inspired and Living Inspired

    Sometimes it is nice to step away from social media marketing. I am going to do that today.

    Many of us are extremely busy. We get caught up in the everyday occurrences in life and ignore the things that are truly important to us. Well.. maybe I am just talking to myself (which is completely …

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    4 Tips on Writing Great Stories For Your Brand

    When telling a story, how do you make it a worthwhile read? How do you captivate your audience? Reflect on your daily activities to look for life experiences to help reach and engage with your audience. How do your use your life experiences to shape your story?

    One thing to keep in mind when writing …

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    What Type of Twitter User Are You?

    After reading Chris Brogan’s 50 Power Twitter Tips I started really thinking about how people are using Twitter. The tips are insightful and should be read by everyone who using, thinking about using, and obsessing over Twitter. While most of the tips Chris covers are included in my book, Twitter Marketing for Dummies, it is …

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