What Your Interview Style Says About Your Personal Brand

Personal Branding

Although it often takes time to cultivate an online personal brand, it’s easy to watch what you say on social networking sites to ensure your communications align with the brand you hope to create.

However, in-person communication is not so simple to control. While you might be an outgoing individual on Twitter or LinkedIn, you may be shy or reserved in-person.

So, when it comes time for that in-person job interview, what does your personal style say about your brand?

If you’re sticking to a script, this might indicate that you are nervous or unsure about your exact fit in the position or the organization. An interviewer will often choose the candidate that seems like a natural fit at the company, which won’t come across if you seem like you’re rattling off the “right” answers as opposed to being yourself. This may cause your interviewer to think your brand is not genuine.

If you don’t ask many questions about the organization and its practices, this might tell your interviewer that you’re not all that interested in the position or didn’t do your research prior to the interview. Although this seems like a small slip-up, it can affect your chances at landing the job more than you may think. Your interviewer may end up viewing you as someone who’s just looking for any job, as opposed to viewing you as someone who knows what they want and won’t settle for less.

If you seem like a confident, capable professional, this shows you have a handle on your brand and the benefits you bring a company. This person often does a lot of research prior to applying for the position (to ensure well tailored documents) and before the interview. That way, they can ask questions about the organization, its employees and the position to walk away with a better understanding of their fit within the company.