Why Optimism Is A Brand’s Best Friend

Personal Branding

What’s your brand vibe and aura? How do people describe your brand style?

How you choose to share about your challenge and difficulty defines your brand communication style. When you focus on the process you are going through and solutions, it has a better purpose and appeal. Several of my friends have dealt with health and career issues this year that they had no control over. Their poise, dignity and fear helped me and gave me tremendous respect for what they were going through and how they communicated it. They maintained a realistic, honest optimism about it all each and every day that I so appreciated.

Optimism is a brand’s best friend. It creates a natural mechanism that’s draws  people to you and draws you to them.

The buzz for 2012 is already well on it’s way to that of great optimism and hope that things will continue to improve, get better and we will get better at navigating it all. We have endured a lot of change the last few years and the cycle seems to be settling in but will continue to move.

I am reminded of some of the powerful fundamentals that define and qualify me and my brand with regard to my attitude and brand communication style.

  • You are what you believe.
  • Be more careful about what you say and how you say it.
  • The glass is half full mentality usually makes it overflow.
  • Practice an abundance attitude in business no matter what.

Optimism is the belief that anything is possible, great things can happen to any one at any time and that fundamentally people are good. Optimism is a choice we make to think, act and be positive and hopeful and steer our intentions where we want them to go.

How else is it that Melanie Amaro, the 19 year old from Sunrise, Florida wins the first X-Factor, or that 30 year old Josh Krajcik was a finalist too after 20 years of singing and playing? Or, that Robin Lim is the 2011 CNN Hero of the year?

They believed that it was possible for them to live out their dreams and that they could come true. They steadfastly worked at their passion and mission and put themselves in the path of possibility. They put a bucket under the raindrops. They put themselves in optimism’s way.

That’s what we can do in business too. We believe, we try, we work, we persevere. Yes, it’s been hard, but nothing worthwhile sustains or is meaningful if it comes easy. We should look back on last year and be so grateful for the opportunity to build our survival muscles. We now look ahead with optimism and hope that everything is possible and will keep materializing if we work for it.

Build your brand vibe, aura and energy around optimism. It is a chosen a way of life, it really works and it’s a brand magnet!


Deborah Shane is an author, media host, speaker, writer and branding strategist. She hosts her Toolbox Blog and is in her third year of hosting a weekly business radio show called Deborah Shane’s Metropolis that has over 32K downloads! She is a regular contributor to several national business, career and marketing blogs and websites. Her new book Career Transition-make the shift is available on Amazon.com and all major book sellers. Deborah delivers smart, no-nonsense ideas and solutions, which make her a popular go-to resource for clients, national media and influential blogs.  Visit her at www.deborahshane.com.