Workplace Hacks to Increase Productivity

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The productivity of our work directly depends on how the workplace is arranged. Studies by psychologists and neuroscientists prove that many factors affect our effectiveness. Everything from the color of the walls to the view from the window affects us. In order to complete tasks efficiently and on time, to fully show your creativity and enjoy the process, you need to properly organize your workplace. Here is what experts offer for those who work in the office, and for those freelancing and who are looking to increase productivity.

Access to Water Near the Office

For the most part, water draws people to it. It has a pleasant color and soothes the eyes. It is constantly moving, even when it seems motionless. Plus, the water has an original smell, whether it is a river, lake, sea, or ocean.

So, for example, one developer in Dubai decided to be original and built an office space not in well-known business districts, but on one of the artificially created islands. At lunchtime, employees can splash around in the waters of the Persian Gulf, which is just a 5-minute walk away. The head of the company renting offices there believes that such architecture should inspire employees with creative ideas.

Despite the fact that the offices are located quite far from the city center, you can get there in just 10 minutes by high-speed train. You can also use the Renty car rental service. Today, many people from various segments of the population use such services, because car rental prices are striking in their affordability. A tourist can rent a luxury car for a few days to explore Dubai in style, and an expat can hire a car for weeks or even months to stay mobile.

Choose Round Furniture

Furniture with rounded and curved edges and surfaces is more conducive to labor success. Individuals have increased productivity compared to other tables, bedside tables, and cabinets with a straight and sharp edge.

According to psychologists, rounded and curved furniture elements create a special coziness and comfort in the room. It also turns out that they activate those parts of the brain that are responsible for aesthetic perception. This means they stimulate creativity. From sharp corners, we also often get bruises.

The Effect of Color, Lighting, and Space

High ceilings evoke a sense of freedom and activate abstract thinking. This allows you to grasp the connection between ideas and phenomena. That is why it is better for analysts to “settle” in the converted premises of former workshops/warehouses. They provide individuals with scope for thought!

The color of the walls and ceiling is also directly related to high performance. For example, green and blue paint speeds up the creation of ideas and decision-making. Red allows you to concentrate on the details. In a blue office, it is easier to concentrate. In a yellow office, thoughts are cleared up. As for gray and beige offices, you can expect calm working environments.

Lighting affects productivity in its own way: bright general light sharpens analytical and evaluative thinking. Local lighting, which creates a fuzzy, blurry environment, enhances the feeling of freedom and stimulates creativity, so creating something new is better by turning on a table lamp and turning off the overhead light.

Add Plants

Plants are not only beautiful and have a variety of colors, but also stress reduction. According to a study, even a few colors can increase productivity by as much as 15%. To make the flowers work, choose plants that are easy to care for, give off plenty of oxygen and freshen the air: crested chlorophytum, dracaena, ficus, and Boston fern are known for their ability to filter the air.

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Keep Order in the Workplace

Of course, we do not ask you to arrange objects on your desk in line with strict symmetry. But you should not cover the surface of the table and fill the drawers completely. And this is not due to aesthetic reasons or because of its association with chaos. But the fact is that in a chaotic pile of objects it is sometimes difficult to find the right document, a new pen, or a diary with valuable entries. So it’s still worth sorting out the contents of the table to help increase productivity.

According to psychologists, this helps to streamline thoughts and show them the appropriate way to go. No wonder they say “order on the table – order in the head.” Plus, completing this in the modern era is easier than ever. All kinds of containers are specially designed to make it convenient to store everything you need for work.