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    Growing your Network is your Job


    Everyone talks about networking.

    But who is doing it right?

    Is there a right way to network?

    Networking just to Network does NOT make Sense

    This is the title of an article I wrote for Entrepreneur Magazine. The point of the post was that when you network you should have a reason and a purpose. …

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    What’s On Your Tool Belt?


    Everyone brings their own tools.

    Everyone wears their own tool belt.

    It’s how we address challenges.

    Whether they are business related, technically oriented or social in nature.

    Everyone has skills they bring to the table.

    In today’s modern society everyone has instant access to information. However, that’s not enough! Just knowing about stuff, just having …

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    Skills, Passion and Execution – Tips for Hiring Managers


    Hire for Smarts.

    Dig for Passion.

    Look for proof of Execution.

    When hiring someone … or looking for a job yourself … these are three things you should be aware of and using to insure you find the right fit or are the right fit.

    These are especially true whether you are freelancing, consulting or …

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    What’s So Scary About Halloween?



    Were you scared?

    That’s all it used to take.

    Back in the days of silent movies, radio and even in the comics strips a word could be shown and the expected reaction was fear.

    My how times have changed! Yet, in some ways they haven’t.

    People have always liked be scared (or so it …

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    Tips for Developing your Quantified Self


    How do you measure your efforts?

    What do you measure?

    What don’t you measure?

    I recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review by Michael Schrage about Developing your Quantified Self. The point of the article was that interviewing people is changing. Instead of asking seemingly irrelevant questions like:

    How many golf balls would …

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    How are you Sharing and Protecting your Assets?


    You are what you share.

    You might as well protect it.

    It’s never been easier.

    Are you using Creative Commons yet?

    While the concept of copyright may be common knowledge I’d like to offer a soft skills warm up on a way to protect your rights and copyright. Understanding the way to share information – …

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    Where do you get in the Flow?


    Where do you get your best ideas?

    How do you find the time to work on them?

    Is there a place you go to find your Flow?

    Flow is Happiness

    Getting in the flow is a good thing and something everyone should strive for as often as possible. Life will always intervene. However, it is …

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    5 Tips for Making Friends in a New Job


    Introverted? No problem.

    Extroverted? Also, no problem.

    These 5 tips will help you get started. Learning them and using them will pay dividends today and in the future.

    Everyone’s Been Through This

    When you are starting a new job it’s a lot like the first day of school. Whether you are starting 1st grade, 8th …

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    Just Five Minutes … Twice a Day


    Take 5 minutes — twice a day … to clear your mind.

    Write down everything that crossed your brain.

    Get it out. Dump it. Then decide if you should own it.

    What’s the Point?

    Everyone is inundated with stuff. Every day more and more stuff is crossing our streams. From what we see on TV, …

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    Your Data Exhaust May Precede You


    Data Exhaust and You!

    You are what you excrete.

    This may be an unpalatable thought, but it’s as true in what we eat as in what we consume on the internet.

    What we spew out from our internet interactions is fodder for the Social Media apps, tools, and websites we use to attempt to tailor …

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