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    You’ve Got the Job Offer, Now What?


    You’ve been thinking about it. You’ve been dreaming about it. Now it’s in your hand or at least in your inbox. That job offer you’ve been dreaming of is finally here.

    Now what?

    All your hard work. All your research. All your effort’s, including time away from family, friends, and fun activities.

    First off … …

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    Job Hunting Through The Holidays


    Can I tell you a little secret?

    Smart people keep job hunting through the holidays.

    Smart people realize a few things about job hunting through the holidays:

    There is less competition Hiring managers are still looking HR professionals get to pick from a very smart and select group

    Family Will Understand

    Your friends and family …

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    There is No Free Lunch


    Subtitled: As the water cooler goes … So goes the company.

    When the water stops being delivered … When the sodas are not stocked … When the Odwalla’s stop showing up …

    You know the free lunch is coming to an end.

    One simple observation is:

    As the water cooler goes … So goes the …

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    What’s your Vector, Victor?


    Don’t worry. There will be no pop quizzes.

    However, there may be some reminiscing of the classic movie “Airplane”

    If you have never seen the movie “Airplane” you have more than likely heard some of the best lines over the years. If you haven’t seen it … Go ahead and watch it now. I’ll wait.…

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    How to use POP on the Job


    There are a lot of measures of productivity.

    For some, that means just pure and raw output.

    For others it means the ability to use your EQ and IQ – sometimes in proportion and sometimes not.

    No matter what everyone has Patterns of Productivity, aka POP.

    How do you make the most of your POP?…

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    Five Things You Can Do to Grow Your EQ


    So, you think you’ve got a low EQ?

    Have you ever been told that something you said was insensitive? Have you ever been in a situation where no matter what you said would come off as insincere or contrived? Have you ever thought about something after you’ve already said it and wished you could take…
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    Five Points for Thinking Handy


    Build your soft skills by building things.

    Building things build skills

    Whether you are building a spreadsheet or a tiny house.

    Building things builds skills.

    Do you remember how it felt to create something, finish it, look at it and enjoy it?

    Are you handy?

    Seventeen years ago this week I lost my dad. One …

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    Three Words to Why You Need a Mentor





    Here are three words as to why you need a mentor. They may seem a little controversial, but please let me explain. Stay with me.

    I’m going to take a few minutes and explain what I mean about each word and why they are important to you ,,, and to why you …

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    We’ve Gone In a Different Direction


    Have you heard this line before?

    It’s a fluffy and noncommittal line from someone who thinks they’re trying to let you down easy.

    In reality it’s a starting point for you to possibly continue the conversation, take the conversation in a different direction, and to help you stand out in your career.

    Disappointing? Yes! A …

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    You’ve Got 3 Minutes. What Will You Say?


    Everything cannot be boiled down to 3 minute increments.

    Nor should they be..

    However, there are times when that’s all the time you have. Sometimes you have even less. Perhaps as little as 8 seconds. (Have I already lost you?)

    Do you need the full three minutes?

    For the sake of argument let’s just say …

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