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    Negotiating Salary From the Employer’s Point of View

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    After recruiting all levels of job seekers for the past decade, I’ve come to understand that many people lack a true understanding of how to negotiate salary.

    The most common mistake we have seen is that interviewees do not know how to accurately gauge if a company is likely to be amenable to accepting a …

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    How to Become More Influential Around the Office

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    Have you ever noticed that well-respected and influential people around the office walk an emotional and behavioral tightrope?

    Seemingly effortlessly, they exercise the ability to be accommodating when necessary, yet strong and assertive when it counts.

    Since they operate in accordance with a given situation, these individuals are more likely to obtain the status, pay, …

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    How Millennials Can Become Millionaires

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    Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the amount of student debt, choice of college major or even past interview failures that prevent many recent graduates from achieving wealth.

    Rather, it’s the habits one forms, the beliefs they hold to be true, as well as their ability to keep an open mind and strict focus.

    Pulling …

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    How Workplace Happiness Affects Your Paycheck

    Happy Workplace photo from Shutterstock

    Studies have shown that when we are happy at work, we are smarter, more motivated, more competitive and, thus more successful. While it’s widely known that overall fulfillment allows us to enjoy more meaningful relationships and better health, few understand that it impacts a paycheck… significantly.…

    Nose to the Grindstone: The Correlation Between Success and Happiness

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    5 Employers That Should Be On Every Recent Graduate’s Radar

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    When you work for a company that is growing, innovative and full of passionate individuals, you are much more apt to have a successful, fulfilling career.

    Conversely, when you accept a job at a firm that isn’t run properly, you are bound to have your creativity handcuffed by bureaucratic management and be surrounded by unhappy, …

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    7 Ways to Have a More Successful Career

    Successful Career photo from Shutterstock

    Regardless of age, profession or industry, you can have a more fulfilling, more lucrative career.  You simply have to possess a burning desire, ambition and a sense of purpose.

    While improving your situation takes significant work and focus, making the necessary changes to set yourself up for success is well worth the effort.  With that …

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    Key Tips for Recruiting Visionary Leaders

    Interview Candidate photo from Shutterstock

    Leaders get things done. They command the attention and respect of those under them and consistently upgrade subordinate performance via clear goal-setting, positive reinforcement and frequent feedback.

    Moreover, their subordinates genuinely like them. While they exhibit great strength and resolve, top managers also display compassion, patience and tolerance for mistakes.…

    The Importance of Recruiting Leaders

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    5 Factors That Make a Great Boss

    Great Boss photo from Shutterstock

    The best bosses are the ones who can turn a good organization into a great company. They are the individuals who consistently push their employees to become better, more engaged and enable them to adapt to oncoming changes in the corporate landscape.

    Instead of suppressing employees, top-tier bosses encourage smart ideas, open conversation and creativity. …

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    5 Ways Millionaires Approach Their Careers

    Business Success photo from Shutterstock

    In the majority of cases, it’s not luck that makes people money, nor is it who they know.  Rather, the people who make the most money in their careers are the ones who display discipline, and who have a definitive sense of purpose and heavy duty resiliency.

    The positive news is that even if you don’t …

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    Make an Employer Want to Hire You

    We Want You photo from Shutterstock

    People hire and promote those whom they like. Regardless of talent, to get anywhere in your career, it’s imperative to make an employer want to give you the job. The clearest paths to this include talking in terms of their interests, making them feel important, and obtaining the ability to see things from the recruiters …

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