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    Small Business Networking Strengthens Your Personal Brand


    Ideally, every business can only survive when there are people, and one’s net gain depends on his network. No wonder the economics analysts maintain that connecting/networking is one of the most important business, and life skill sets you will ever learn. Studies have shown that a greater percentage of people found their job through personal …

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    Personal Branding Cosplay


    Every year, San Diego opens its doors to the nerds of the world with the world famous San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). A weekend long gathering of movie stars, comic book artists and the fans that adore them, it has grown in size so much that major movie corporations save special movie previews to release …

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    Personal Brands: Targeting the Customer Journey


    One of the best pieces of advice any business owner can receive is to specialize. Be it in the medical field or as a chef, it’s really the niche markets that prove to be profitable. Yet so many places try to please everyone only ending up with a few mildly happy individuals instead of a …

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    Being Nimble with Your Personal Brand


    Known as the simply insightful relationship manager, Nimble is the answer to the white noise that is ever pervasive in today’s excessive social media world. Including email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and inter-office programs, trying to keep up with current contacts as well as grow individual networks has become – for lack of a …

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    Recognizing the Power of Regramming in Relationship Building


    Unlike Twitter where snappy witticisms and continual tweets are the key to staying on top, Instagram is a bit different. Sure, there are words that can be used to enhance the photos you post, but the medium itself revolves solely around how enticing your images are. They don’t have to be unique per se, but …

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    A Dangerous Mismatch


    You’ll notice it in movies before you can put into words what is wrong with the actor. Something seems very off about their character and immediately sets you on edge. They claim to be a fierce warrior but run and hide whenever a fight breaks out. Unless part of the script, you’re immediately pulled out …

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    Personal Brands – Dress to Impress Not Dress for Success

    Building space by Norbert Lov; Creative Commons

    Building space by Norbert Lov; Creative Commons

    Listening to a co-worker, Kristen, she shared, “Growing up, I was a lucky child. I had parents that never forced me into a role. They regularly taught me to be happy and to love myself no matter what others would think. But, more importantly, they instilled in me …

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    Personal Brands – The Authenticity of the Script


    A common phrase used in customer service and satire alike, “my pleasure” can mean many things based on simple intonations and inflections further expanded upon by vocal timber, energy and body language. An entire novel can be written based on how the phrase is said. Because a lot of businesses feel these two words are …

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    3 Ways to Stay Authentic

    mitch and maria

    I recently had the great pleasure of attending a VIP private performance with Pentatonix,  Platinum selling recording artists and two-time Grammy winning American a cappella group consisting of five vocalists: Avi Kaplan, Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, and Mitch Grassi.  They are one of the most astute groups to engage and nurture a loyal …

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    Selfless Actions and Your Personal Brand


    Help is rarely given freely in today’s world. Everything seems to have a price tag, keeping individuals forever wary of accepting anything that appears to come with no strings attached. Yet even in this suspicious atmosphere, truly selfless giving can and still does exist. In fact, for the smartest leaders out there, gifts are a …

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