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    2 Ways to Get to Know Who You Know


    Ready to take your networking to the next level of success?

    There are two practices that are the cornerstone to success in getting to know who you know:

    Use social media to earn a face to face meeting Thank them and follow-up Use social media to deepen the connection

    Use online and offline networking in …

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    Success at Networking: Look Behind to Get Ahead


    2015 is here and I’m sure you’ve read your share of “how to make 2015 more successful”.

    In fact, chances are you’re wondering if that’s all everyone’s writing about this time of year.

    And, you’re right. It is.

    My hope is that over the next 52 weeks that I’ll share some solid tips that will …

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    Communication Practices for Successful Networking in 2015


    Communication is something that we do every day. Communication is easy but doing it effectively is another thing. Great communication skills are essential in your personal and professional life, by helping you better understand a person, build trust and respect, and establish an avenue where creative ideas can flourish and problems can be solved. If …

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    4 Simple Tips to Maximize Your Downtime


    I hope the holidays are simply an amazing time for you and yours!

    There’s such a fervor working up to it and then there’s the wonderful downtime. Or, at least I do hope that you make time for that downtime.

    It’s tough for small business owners.

    After all, it seems like we’re always doing things …

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    #1 Factor to Being a Highly Recommended Brand


    We know that word of mouth works for product and service based business brands.

    But, does it work for a personal brand?


    People do business with and through people. Either you are connected with the end decision maker for any project or with someone who can connect you to or influences the final decision …

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    Success at Networking: Gifts that Rob Your Personal Brand


    Jimmy Fallon’s monologue bit this week encapsulates this so well.  He announced that Starbucks has a new Silver Card hailing it as the gift that cries here’s $200 that says I don’t know you.

    He’s right.

    This season you could quickly rob yourself of points in credibility and engagement if you give that gift that …

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    Personal Branding Weekly: You’re Great at Remembering Names, Right?


    There is so much that is normally going on during the course of introductions to others. Sometimes we’re at a “grip, grin and graze” and we don’t even have a free hand to shake with. Sometimes we’re trying so hard to formulate our “elevator pitch” that we never hear what the other person even said. …

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    Success at Networking – 2 Ways to Valued Connections

    Successful Networking photo from Shutterstock

    How do you show people that you care in your offline or “face-to-face” interactions?

    Provide them an opportunity to be heard.

    Most people don’t have an audience applauding and giving them support.  How can you provide that kind of support and uplift someone?  Give them time to be heard.  Listen to them – either set …

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    Make Holiday Schmoozing Successful

    Holiday Business Plan photo from Shutterstock

    Mentioning “the holidays” to people in business usually garners cringes and wrinkled noses. Why? It seems that unless you’re a retail establishment, the holidays become a difficult time to do business. Either everyone’s caught up in holiday mode and not wanting to make any decisions until the start of the New Year, or they’re nearing the …

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    Personal Branding Weekly – #1 Must Do to Accelerate Networking

    Shake Hands photo from Shutterstock

    A popular saying is that “Social Media is word of mouth marketing on steroids.”  Another is that Social Media amplifies your word of mouth.

    Both of these statements are true.

    The mistake that’s made is in the foundation or in the assumption that word of mouth in that connections or association already exists. It must …

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