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    Word of Mouth Starts by Owning Your Contacts

    Contact List photo from Shutterstock

    Your connections begin in your own database. When I’m asked about how to “own your game”, or dominate your niche, the first place I begin asking about is what do you know about your database?

    Word of Mouth marketing starts by owning your contacts

    Even those born within this last minute, already have a handful of …

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    Personal Branding Weekly – Affirming Your Goals

    Look at Goal photo from Shutterstock

    It happens to every entrepreneur.

    Sometimes it happens several times a week or even a day.

    You question – why do I do what I’m doing?  Should I do what I’m doing? Isn’t it easier to just work for someone else?

    Business doesn’t have to be bad for these questions to arise.

    I know I’ve …

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    Personal Branding Weekly – Live from #OneCon


    This week I’m out with Constant Contact and Alignable at #OneCon.

    See you next week!

    Here’s the great tips and thoughts our authors shared last week that you might have missed.  Please take a moment to review these.

    Be Prepared for Job or Company Changes (But Not Worried) by Debra Benton Michelle Phan: Branding Tips…
    Read the Rest →
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    Personal Still Needs To Be Professional

    Professional Social Media photo from Shutterstock

    My favorite day of the week is Wednesday. 

    That’s the day we #brandchat.  That’s when I learn more from the BRANDidos (a term of endearment for those who participate in brandchat)  that I do any other resource.

    During one of our chats we discussed brandjacking. It can happen to a business brand and have a …

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    Personal Branding Weekly – Need to Know Who You Know

    Talking in the Office photo from Shutterstock

    Somebody You Currently Work with can be a Valuable Connection.

    This could be a fellow employee if you work for a company or an organization. If you’re a solopreneur, it could be anyone that you work with whether it is as a client or not. If you and the front end cashier of dry cleaner …

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    Deliver the Bad News for a Great Brand Impression

    Bad News photo from Shutterstock

    I am an advocate of that “go for it” type drive. And, then beg forgiveness later if things fall apart.

    In this case – that simply wouldn’t work.

    Working with an organization a new marketing executive thought it would be fun to choreograph an entire marketing video around the hit song, Royals, by Lorde.  Everyone …

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    Personal Branding Weekly – Be the Host, Your Brand Benefits

    Host Party photo from Shutterstock

    Have you ever heard the statement – she’s the hostess with the mostest?

    You may think you’ve only heard kids saying it but, in truth, I’ve heard adults utter the phrase as soon as someone makes a comment about how good a hostess someone is.

    If you want your brand to stand out, then you …

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    Networking Your Personal Brand

    Networking Brand photo from Shutterstock

    If you want to grow your contacts and business, then networking is the best way to do so. Keep in mind that networking isn’t a quick fix for sales, though; it’s an investment in getting to know other people. As marketing coach and author John Jantsch put it, “It’s never about the sale, it’s always …

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    Personal Branding Weekly – Think Before You Write

    Think Write photo from Shutterstock

    Posting one’s opinions in a very bold and disrespectful way on somebody else’s profile is akin to randomly ringing another’s doorbell and trying to convert them to a different religion or trying to sell them something they’re not interested in.

    Even in supposedly mature circles, there are still some people who try to push their …

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    Get Seen and Be Read with This One Thing

    Email photo from Shutterstock

    For email marketing, which is more important – the subject line or the from line?

    Statistically, it’s the from line. And, I agree.

    We will scroll past, close and even delete other emails (or even status updates) that get in the way of the people we’re interested in hearing from or about.

    The “who” makes …

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