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    Holidays and Your Personal Brand: The Gift of You


    The season for holiday parties has only just begun. From now until the beginning of January, invitations for galas and soirees across town will be doled out, inviting everyone to celebrate a break from work with alcohol and delicious hors d’oeuvres. While it might be tempting to arrive to each with a stack of business …

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    Exploring the Brand with Denise Lee Yohn


    Published November 2, Denise Lee Yohn’s latest work has already begun accumulating a growing following of supporters. Extraordinary Experiences is an ebook that delves into explaining and understanding how certain brick-and-mortar companies continually maintain growth throughout an age where the internet has been making such establishments virtually obsolete. In it, she delves into the minds …

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    Entrepreneur: Don’t Fear the Tweet


    Social media has provided companies a quick, uninhibited way to connect with consumers the world over. From this, of course, has stemmed those brands that never quite “got” its purpose, choosing to type out manifestos and then posting them 150 characters at a time on Twitter. Even though this kind of over-tweeting is certainly harmful …

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    Standing Behind Your Brand – Confidence is Key


    The best support you can offer yourself is confidence. Without belief in what you do and what you represent, you can’t successfully project a personal image that attracts customers. This confidence comes from an innate belief in your own worth as a person and as a product. It is the key to progress since it …

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    Got Social Mediology? A Review

    got social

    Unlike many business books of this generation, Got Social Mediology? by Jay Izso is a high-energy take on the importance of social media and how to use the top four platforms to best connect as a means of increasing ROI. As a holder of a Master of Science in Experimental Psychology, Izso has used his …

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    Chief Customer Officer 2.0


    A Review

    In an approach that lauds her current fans while expanding outward, Chief Customer Officer 2.0, the sequel to 2005’s Chief Customer Officer, further expands on Jeanne Bliss’  Customer Leadership position by taking readers on a detailed, expansive journey through how, exactly, a successful COO functions. By assuming the readers have already taken the …

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    Personal Brand: Web Series Content Creator


    Super Geeked Up is following in the path of podcasts before it that have taken nerd culture and embraced it as the fun art form that it is. Ranging from the more classic high fantasy to current day comic books, this sect of entertainment is just as varied and nuanced as every other topic that …

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    Ignore and Build Your Brand


    I’ve been editor of this blog for six years and across the years I’ve seen my fair share of naysayers saying “there’s no such thing as personal brands”.  Funny, it’s those same people who say that who are often working hard building their online reputation, investing in promotions and content marketing to boost their “image” …

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    3 Ways To Make Your Personal Brand Newsworthy


    Guest Author:  Phoebe Chongchua is a multimedia Brand Journalist who teaches: Think Like A Journalist, To Increase Your Bottom Line.


    Even in this era where we’re told the formula: EC=MC, ( “every company is a media company”) developing a personal brand that’s newsworthy and attracts traditional media attention has merit.


    But the question …

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    Linking Social Media and Customer Service


    You know social media is important, and you’ve no doubt discovered just how detrimental it can be to your company to simply ignore the status quo. After all, according to Upwork, 70-90% of all of your customers use it. Though you may only utilize its features to get your company’s information across, don’t neglect the …

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