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    A Dangerous Mismatch

    You’ll notice it in movies before you can put into words what is wrong with the actor. Something seems very off about their character and immediately sets you on edge. They claim to be a fierce warrior but run and hide whenever a fight breaks out. Unless part of the script, you’re immediately pulled out …

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    Personal Brands – Dress to Impress Not Dress for Success

    Listening to a co-worker, Kristen, she shared, “Growing up, I was a lucky child. I had parents that never forced me into a role. They regularly taught me to be happy and to love myself no matter what others would think. But, more importantly, they instilled in me the fact that books cannot be judged …

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    Personal Brands – The Authenticity of the Script

    A common phrase used in customer service and satire alike, “my pleasure” can mean many things based on simple intonations and inflections further expanded upon by vocal timber, energy and body language. An entire novel can be written based on how the phrase is said. Because a lot of businesses feel these two words are …

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    3 Ways to Stay Authentic

    I recently had the great pleasure of attending a VIP private performance with Pentatonix,  Platinum selling recording artists and two-time Grammy winning American a cappella group consisting of five vocalists: Avi Kaplan, Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, and Mitch Grassi.  They are one of the most astute groups to engage and nurture a loyal …

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    Selfless Actions and Your Personal Brand

    Help is rarely given freely in today’s world. Everything seems to have a price tag, keeping individuals forever wary of accepting anything that appears to come with no strings attached. Yet even in this suspicious atmosphere, truly selfless giving can and still does exist. In fact, for the smartest leaders out there, gifts are a …

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    Your Reputation: When Personal Brands Respond for Business Brands

    The moment you hang your sign that you’re open for business, there will be haters. While these individuals used to be one-time customers that disappeared following the first altercation, the internet has allowed for these toxic individuals to leave scathing reviews in the public’s eye, calling into question your brand. As much as you want …

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    Approaching Greatness and Your Personal Brand

    The higher up the ladder you are in a business, the busier and more frequent the responsibilities become. All too often this will transform a once approachable individual into a terrifying force easier to ignore than to face. Employees stop calling, problems are covered up and the office culture takes a steep nose dive toward …

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    Personal Brands: The Art of the Snap

    Adorned with a cute ghost as a logo, Snapchat is the latest social media platform to become a viable marketing tool for solopreneurs and freelancers. However, for those that know anything about the app, this seems counterintuitive. After all, the pictures or videos that are shared last only a few brief moments before they disappear …

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    A Time and Place

    If you work out regularly and are making great progress, you should be proud. Most of us want to share this elation by posting pictures of our shapely arms or rounded butts in celebration. It’s only natural now that so many of our closest friends and family members are more easily reached via social media. …

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    OverTagging: Crime and Punishment

    Tagging is an essential part of a solid social media marketing strategy. It helps you interact with both your current audience and those you want to woo into your fold. However, there have been enough cases of overtagging that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have their own brands of justice when it comes to dealing …

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