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man-1351346_640Known as the simply insightful relationship manager, Nimble is the answer to the white noise that is ever pervasive in today’s excessive social media world. Including email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and inter-office programs, trying to keep up with current contacts as well as grow individual networks has become – for lack of a better word – challenging.

Nimble, however, has created a setup that unifies everything into a single view. Their belief in relationships over contacts is what has driven their award winning program. Apart from organizing everything in one location, it comes with a set of rules that learn as you act, helping you identify potential leads while increasing the relevancy of any searches you perform. It reminds you if you’re losing touch with anyone while giving you the capability to schedule meetings or messages to current or soon-to-be current contacts.

With Nimble, it seems networking is easier than ever before.  And, that’s important.  You lose momentum when you’re trying to connect with someone or build a relationship and you have to continually find their most current information or do research that expends lots of time and energy .


Networking with Nimble is made a lot easier through the use of algorithms that drive your networking success. Instead of showing everything and overloading you with useless information, it isolates the relevant information based on what data it has on you and what your current user habits are. With regular, continual usage, a profile is developed that accurately determines who would be a great match for your network.

Known as the Rules Engine, it is an advanced equation that learns about your preferences in what are known as “virtuous cycles”. Each time one of these happens, your actions are integrated into the search conducted by Nimble. With time, Nimble does the networking for you, helping you find common threads and connections, telling you insightful things about your network that you didn’t already know. It alerts you to who you should reach out to and, more importantly, why they should be contacted. In short, Nimble helps you network by taking out the guesswork and the need for research.

Fantastic Features

In most social media sites, there are notifications. Whether on a new tab entirely or provided through a drop down menu, to check every single one means logging into each and every account not to mention the time it takes to sift through actual notifications versus very obviously placed advertisements.

Instead of forcing yourself to tread through the over saturated mire of Facebook and LinkedIn, Nimble uses the information it has on you to stitch together a Today Page consisting of Engagement Opportunities, Milestones, Deals and a To Do List. Organized into these four categories, you get to decide what type of networking you want to take care of first. Maybe you want to go through birthdays first because those are the easiest to finish. Maybe you want to take on Engagement Opportunities because that would leave more time in the day for further connecting with these people. Either way, it’s less time you have to spend navigating seven different sites and more time you get actually connecting with people.

Organization, however, is not a new idea. What is new (and perhaps the most intriguing) part of Nimble is what’s known as the Signals Tab. Still in beta, this gives you all the notifications and automatically creates contact reminders for you geared at getting you to stay in touch with contacts that are in need of connection. In essence, it’s an alert should someone happen to fall off of your radar, further helping you foster a healthy network.

Individualized Data

Networking is mostly used to discuss the larger picture featuring numerous people and the web of connections. However, actual connection takes place on an individual, one-on-one level. After all, without any sort of ability to build a comradery, partnerships cannot be forged.

Even though most sites try to keep online profiles separate, Nimble knows that your ability to understand your contact, to know them, is what gives you the edge when building a relationship. It gives you the chance to be genuine, to build trust.

Apart from collecting all of the contact information and storing it one place (as so many other programs do), Nimble also collects and stores all of your online interactions with that person, providing you with a full collection of everything that has happened. With the click of a button, you can immediately catch up with your contact without needing to speak to them yet still knowing what direction you would like to further your relationship.