10 Personal Branding Examples For Students

Personal Branding
personal branding

It’s imperative for students to realize that merely their academic record, no matter how sensational, wouldn’t be enough to give them the ideal kick-start in their professional lives. Personal branding is equally vital. But do you make your personal brand? This is precisely personal branding examples for students are so important. How else will they know how to proceed?

Yes, it’s great that you have an outstanding academic record. You have managed to draft an excellent personal statement too. And your references are remarkable. You seem to have everything going in your favor. But what about your digital profile? What does that say about you?

In this era of social media, we cannot emphasize the value of your digital presence enough. This is why it’s crucial to start working on your personal branding from early on. So you wouldn’t have to miss out on lucrative opportunities later. But how do you go about it? Well, this is exactly what personal branding examples for students will tell you!

A Look at the Best Personal Branding Examples for Students

Before we give you the best personal branding examples you can find, it’s vital to discuss what exactly personal branding entails. To define it in simple terms, it’s about what you are known for. It’s your identity and what you bring to the table and how.

Remember, your personal brand is not only about your skills and achievements. It’s also a reflection of your values, passions, and overall personality! It has become a common practice for employers to check out the online profiles of potential candidates during hiring.

In fact, many universities do the same during the admission process. So if you haven’t yet given much attention to personal branding, now is the time to start. And here are some personal branding examples that you can use for inspiration.

1.    Charli Marie

What started off as a fan page turned into something pretty incredible for Charli Marie. A student of design, she started a Tumblr as a means to proclaim her love for the pop-funk band Fall Out Boy. However, eventually, her popularity on the platform encouraged her to brand out and launch a t-shirt brand of her own!

Yes, her company could not survive, but that did not slow her down. She took it in her stride and made starting from scratch sound fun and easy. She has a successful YouTube channel where she talks at length about her journey about other things. This, along with her upbeat personality, definitely makes her a perfect example of personal branding.

2.    Aaron Ward

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Aaron Ward is definitely an inspiration. He has made a name helping creators create and sell their digital products online. And you can understand a lot about his personal website by visiting his portfolio website.

3.    Gary Vaynerchuk

This is another example of a strong personal brand. This guy has an incredible backstory about how he managed to turn his family liquor store into an e-commerce empire! His beginning, struggle, and eventual success are something that will inspire you, and he uses every available platform, including Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, to talk about what he has accomplished so far with confidence.

4.    Mark Manson

If you are looking for personal branding examples for students, you must check out his homepage. Being a best-selling author and an internet entrepreneur, he definitely has a lot to reach you. He manages to make his voice heard by more than one million people monthly via his website and blog! So he is indeed a shining example of personal branding down right!

5.    Nesha Woolery

One look at her website, and you will know that this designer knows what exactly personal branding entails! She connects to the audience directly via her tone and content. She also offers online courses and videos for women in design and has managed to carve a niche for herself in her field quite effectively.

6.    Alice Thorpe

Her YouTube channel will surely tell you a thing or two about personal branding. She describes herself as a freelance graphic designer, but there’s so much more to her than that! She is one of those very few people who don’t hesitate to take a jab at their own selves.

Her content on the website and YouTube is enough to tell you what kind of expert you are dealing with. And she manages to do it in her own funny style! Talk about taking personal branding to the next level!

7.    Bill Nye

Yes, he is mainly known for his science dad jokes, but there’s a lot more to him. You cannot deny that he has proven to be invaluable in increasing awareness of science. And his enthusiasm will surely rub off on you. He has used his goofy and affable persona perfectly, which has enabled him to build a brand and become a household name!

8.    Brian Dean

He is an internet blogger but one who understands SEO to perfection! So it’s not really surprising that his website reflects his credibility and expertise. He has used his personal brand to establish trust among his target audience and has managed to attain great success.

9.    Melyssa Griffin

She lets everyone know who she is and what she intends to do with her mission statement. And this is exactly what makes her a unique brand. Her homepage showcases her value and strikes the emotional chord perfectly. Her message, expertise, and personality come across perfectly, enabling her to make a connection with her core audience.

10. Tony Robbins

We find it pretty hard to believe that anyone would be unfamiliar with Tony Robbins. His brand of financial self-help is widely talked about. And a lot of people are pretty impressed with his energy and charisma. His homepage will definitely teach you how to build your personal brand such that you can relate to your target audience.

Time to Learn from Personal Branding Examples

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Note that every example we have mentioned so far is a source of inspiration, not only because of branding but also due to what they have achieved so far. Therefore, if you want to ensure that everyone from your university to your potential employers gets a positive glimpse into your personality, it’s time that you start working on your personal branding.