Essential Social Media Branding Guidelines 

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Essential Social Media Branding Guidelines 

Branding is one of the most crucial and key sectors of any business, especially in the modern era. For proper exposure to your social media content, proper and well-planned branding is necessary. Certain social media branding guidelines are effective in gathering a large following. The guidelines help you to outline your social media branding so that you can acquire good exposure. Moreover, the guidelines assist to maintain consistency and that consistency is key to a successful branding campaign.

This article will discuss the necessary social media branding guidelines and help you with your branding tactics.

Best Social Media Branding Guidelines 

Step 1: Update Your Social Media Profiles with All the Necessary Basic Information 

(a) For establishing a strong social media presence, there are several steps you have to undertake. First, you need to fill up all the required information on the social media pages, groups, and accounts. It is best to start with one social medium for creating a media presence and then move on to other social media. Create consistent and convincing content on social media platforms. While creating the content, it is better to provide some common threads which can help people relate to you and your social media content.

(b) Now onto the next part, social media branding guidelines include updating content at regular intervals as your customers desire new and updated content. There should be a team responsible for auditing and establishing content at a consistent rate. With the consistent updating of available content, your brand should always look forward to developing itself.

(c) Creating flagship events to self-brand your social media content. You can also attempt to celebrate a holiday or special occasion or special event. For example, British American Tobacco has its flagship event Battle of Minds which they hold in multiple counties worldwide and has generated international support. Similarly, Unilever has its BizMaestros flagship competition which is held annually.

(d) So, in this first step, make a plan for all your activities and note it on your to-do list. Attempt to do proper auditing of all your social media accounts. Moreover, ensure the contents are updated regularly and also that the newly developed contents are created for supporters at regular intervals.

Step 2: Extension of Your Social Media Brand Value, Especially the Visual Branding

(a) Ensure the attractiveness of your social media platforms in terms of logos, images, backgrounds, graphics, and videos. Moreover, give time to fixing up the syntax problems in all the social media elements.

(b) Employ social media branding specialists to do expert branding for your social media platforms. Additionally, you also should perform all the necessary branding tactics by yourself and your team following the SEO guidelines. Moreover, ensure you have a particular, unique, and eye-catching logo and a memorable name for your brand.

(c) Besides opening and developing social media accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and similar platforms, you should also think about opening a website. Moreover, you should do content writing on your brand products or services continues to gain faithful traffic to your blog/website and find a strong line of followers

Step 3: Development of the Marketing Personas

(a) You need to have a separate, unique persona for your brand. But for fixing a specific persona, you need to learn more about your brand’s effectiveness and customer base. For example, younger people tend to follow Instagram, whereas older people follow Facebook significantly. So, for the above two social media platforms, your social media branding guidelines tell you to enforce different suitable options.

(b) Create content matching your persona and client base. So, for the content, learning about the customers is crucial.

Step 4: Establish a Voice and Tone in Your Social Media Branding

(a) After you have worked on developing the visual sector of the brand, now it is time to work on the brand voice and tone. The voice and tone need to be prepared to maintain several factors like customer base, your brand products, and your ideal & desired tone.

(b) For establishing a strong presence of the brand voice and tone, use details. Details may include using the company catchphrases. Nowadays, all countries publish a particular catchphrase for their brand to attract people and relate to them. The company Nike has the catchphrase “Just Do It”, Disneyland has “The Happiest Place on Earth”, and MasterCard has “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard. The taglines and catchphrases help people to remember your brand for a long time.

(c) As you are targeting various age groups on different social media platforms, it is necessary to maintain consistency as the top priority. Now, for ensuring that, you need to have a guide of reference. The guide should be freely accessible to everyone associated with your brand.

(d) Ensure that the copy team and content writing team are also ensuring the presence of the brand voice and tone in the writing.

(e) Prepare a Mascot for the global outreach of your brand.

Step 5: Establishment of Different Accounts for Various Areas of Focusing

(a) As mentioned below, for spreading the name of your brand, you need to have multiple accounts across different social media platforms. This helps to properly focus on one particular group if necessary.

(b) For different areas, you need different departments and groups. Assign different area-based works to various departments. Separate human resources and customer service departments from other departments like marketing and sales departments.

(c) Use a common service to ensure that multiple accounts are all controlled by solo ownership.


The article talks about the major 5 steps of essential social media branding guidelines. You need to follow up on each of those steps to ensure quality consistent branding. Additionally, follow the steps across all the social media platforms.