10 Welcome Email Examples to Make Your New Subscribers Feel at Home

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10 welcome email examples to make your new subscribers feel at home

Have you ever signed up for a brand only to be greeted with a lackluster welcome email that left you feeling like a lost stranger? If you are a savvy email marketer, you must ensure to make your new subscribers feel happy and excited about signing up for your newsletter. It’s downright imperative.

In this post, we are diving into the world of welcome emails. Explore 10 exceptional examples that will make your new subscriber feel at home. By the end of this post, you will be all set to welcome your new subscribers like never before!

Let’s begin with some basics!

What are welcome emails, and why are they important?

As the name implies, a welcome email is sent to new subscribers or customers when they first sign up or purchase from your brand.

The primary purpose of a welcome email is to introduce the subscriber to your company and give a glimpse into your products and services. Additionally, and most importantly, welcome emails play a considerable role in creating a first impression.

A welcome email is essential for multiple reasons. Let’s understand a few:

  • On average, welcome emails have a 50% open rate, meaning subscribers are much more likely to open these messages than other marketing emails.
  • It helps establish a customer relationship. By acknowledging the subscriber’s decision to sign up, you display how much you value them and are committed to offering them a great shopping experience.
  • Thirdly, a welcome email can help to set expectations for your brand. Moreover, it can provide information about what your subscriber can expect from you regarding communication, product or service delivery, and customer service.
  • Finally, a well-crafted welcome email can help build brand loyalty and encourage repeat orders. By giving a positive first impression and showcasing the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, the welcome email can help you create a lasting impression with your subscribers.

Top 10 examples of welcome emails to make your subscribers comfortable

1. Bally Sports

Subject line – Welcome to Bally Sports

Takeaway – Keep the email crisp, short, and concise.

Simplicity can help you leave a lasting impression on your subscribers. Have a look at the example below. Bally Sports has welcomed its subscriber on a simple note. They also have just highlighted the confirmation button to increase its visibility and push subscribers to take action.

10 Welcome Email Examples to Make Your New Subscribers Feel at Home

2. All Things Hair Welcome Emails

Subject line – Welcome to limitless #hairinspiration

Takeaway – Personalize the email for a more effective impact

Use dynamic content to personalize your welcome email based on your subscriber’s name and interests. This approach shows them you understand their needs and are willing to provide customized content.

If you are wondering how to gather the subscribers’ information to personalize the email, you can ask for their basic info when signing up for the subscription and leverage it while creating the welcome email.

10 Welcome Email Examples to Make Your New Subscribers Feel at Home

3. Hulu

Subject line – Resources for developing video ad creative.

Takeaways – Inform subscribers about the next steps.

Another great way of welcoming your new subscribers and making them comfortable is to tell them about the next steps needed to complete the process. This way, they will feel valued.

10 Welcome Email Examples to Make Your New Subscribers Feel at Home

4. Sundays Welcome Emails

Subject line – Welcome to Sundays

Takeaway – Use interactive elements like animations in your welcome emails.

To evoke curiosity in your emails, you can include fun elements like animations to woo your subscribers. And a welcome email is the first impression of your brand; make it worthwhile.
Have a look at the example below.

10 Welcome Email Examples to Make Your New Subscribers Feel at Home

5. Sauna House

Subject line – Thanks for joining the Sauna House community

Takeaway – Use high-quality, appealing pictures and focus on your bestsellers to tap impulsive buying decisions.

It can be tricky to make a customer shift to another brand, so while welcoming them, add appealing visuals and bestsellers to push them to change their minds.

Here’s how Sauna House welcomes its subscribers with impactful visuals that can urge them to act.

10 Welcome Email Examples to Make Your New Subscribers Feel at Home

6. Who gives a crap

Subject line – We just wanted to say Thanks!

Takeaway – Leverage humor in your emails

Inject humor into your welcome email to lighten the mood and make your subscribers feel at ease. This approach also pushes them to see you in a different light and also showcases that you are relatable. However, the niche your brand caters to must be considered before adding a pinch of humor to the welcome email.

For example – If you are a fundraising NGO and welcome your subscribers on a humorous note, it will negatively impact them.

7. KOA Welcome Emails

Subject line – Welcome to KOA

Takeaway – Share your brand’s story through a video.

Create a video message to introduce yourself and your brand to your subscribers. This approach is more personal and engaging than a written message and helps build a stronger connection with your subscribers.

8. Sproos!

Subject line – Well, hello, here is 10% off

Takeaway – Offer exclusive discounts and coupon codes to instill excitement within your subscribers.

Surprise your subscribers with a small gift or discount code in the welcome email. This gesture shows them that you highly value their time and appreciate them signing up.

9. CB2

Subject line – You’re in.

Takeaway – Highlight your social media presence to increase followers.

Social media is among the most influential platforms for scaling your marketing efforts. Encourage subscribers to follow you on social media by featuring your social media handles in your welcome email.

By doing so, your subscribers can stay up-to-date with the latest updates from your side and engage with your brand on multiple platforms.

10. All Birds

Subject line – Welcome to the Flock

Takeaway – Take an educational approach and provide your subscribers with relevant content for your brand. This will also show them that you are interested in selling the product to them and want them to know your brand personally.

Over To You

Whether you aim for a warm, fuzzy, playful, or quirky positioning, your welcome emails will set the tone for a successful subscriber relationship. As mentioned above, an excellent welcome email will make your subscribers want more content from you.

So turn on your creative blinkers, and give your subscribers a welcome they deserve and will cherish forever. These 10 examples will inspire you to create more memorable welcome emails.

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