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  • 3 Ways Mobile Content Can Help Your Personal Brand

    shutterstock_206052859When building a personal brand content is key to increased visibility online. To achieve this it’s not only important to create compelling articles that attract an audience, but to also tailor them for mobile users. More than ever your audience is using their smart device to find information, do research, and make purchases, and a well executed post will help your articles to reach even farther.

    With content that can be viewed on both a computer and mobile device a personal brand can tap into a much larger audience in their market. This will take just some minor adjustments to your copy and headline with the use of catchy phrases and images or videos.

    How can you effectively create content to build your brand on mobile? One way is to update your website to be quickly responsive to smart devices, where your articles can be seen quickly and easily. But you do not have to spend a lot of your budget to do this. Website builders like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, and more have mobile-friendly designs and templates ready to go. (My personal favorite is WordPress.)

    Being aware of what your market is desiring and is attracted to will help your personal brand establish itself as an authority on mobile.

    How to publish great mobile content

    Here are three (3) ways you can start reaching a larger audience:

    • Create a variety of content – Keep in mind that text is often overlooked, and it’s important to grab the reader’s attention as quickly as possible. Using professional images and videos will help your articles stand out and be noticed.

    • Encourage loyal subscribers – It’s just as important to have a prominent optin box on a computer view of your website as it is on mobile. Your email service provider and/or a webmaster can help your brand create mobile-friendly designs that encourage people to subscribe.

    • Pay attention to mobile design – While upgrading your website to be mobile-friendly do a quick check on smart devices to be sure that the look of your brand is recognizable and consistent. This should also be similar to what viewers are seeing on all of your social media channels.

    As mobile continues to grow in popularity, it is more important than ever to tap into this large market, and to make your personal brand stand out. Content that is optimized well for smart phones and tablets will attract more leads, and double your subscriber list.

    Susan Gilbert uses her laser focus knowledge to coach and provide online marketing and social sharing programs for authors, speaker, experts and small businesses. She is the author and publisher of several books including “The Land of I Can,” and “KLOUT SCORE: Social Media Influence, How to Gain Exposure and Increase Your Klout,” Susan combines online marketing with strategic thinking to create successful programs. Working most often with authors and entrepreneurs, she understands promotion at a personal level as a regularly quoted resource in USA Today, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine and many more. Follow her Digital Marketing Tips at her blog: SusanGilbert.com

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