Keeping true to the nature of the way we consume content in bite sized pieces, here is a list of 30 thoughts on the power of personal branding, why it is important, and the affect it has on the world around you.

  1. The content you create influences your perceived value
  2. The content you create in sum is your economic value
  3. Your personal brand will be graded and rated by others
  4. You control the content you create, others control their opinion
  5. The first page on a search engine is the only page that matters
  6. Search is a zero sum game, to rank you need to boot someone off
  7. We meet more digitally than we do physically
  8. To scale your personal brand you need to take risks, be edgy
  9. Content, search and social networking is the new frontier of capitalism
  10. Time is not an excuse, find time or your competition will
  11. Your blog is an economic asset that has value
  12. Your personal brand opens doors and attracts opportunity
  13. Your personal brand is location based
  14. You need to read and be read
  15. Your blog posts are the road to your first book
  16. Inbound links are the currency of the web – get more
  17. The social graph is becoming the infrastructure of the web
  18. Your reach is measured in your RSS and email subscribers
  19. Your email subscriber list is your most lucrative asset
  20. Your personal brand gives you leverage in life
  21. Content is the new competition and both are increasing
  22. An authoritative blog in the niche you work in can be a goldmine
  23. Not everyone will agree with what you write – that’s a good sign
  24. Most people are average, strive for excellence
  25. Fine is not excellent
  26. Push the envelope, takes risks and fail a lot
  27. Learn from the failures and accelerate
  28. Your ideas are the hidden roots of your success
  29. When you blog you influence the opinion of others
  30. Influence equals power