I attended and presented a session at our annual Social Media Mashable Day in Miami this year, about “How to Create, Grow and Host a Killer Radio Show”!

The attendees were especially interested in elevating the podcast medium and presenting it as a Radio Show, as I have done.

We have many integrated media and marketing choices today that all have benefits and ROI. Finding just the right mix of primary platforms that you can and will be the most active on, and complimenting them with the others is the good game plan for any smart marketer.

Podcasting is an audio recording of content, be it music, talk or integrating video that is delivered via an RSS feed, which means people can subscribe to it and receive it regularly.  The spoken word and the power of listening is iconic and what sets this medium apart. In today’s content world, the podcast radio show can be a key personal branding tool.

The trends for internet radio are very strong

  • “Internet radio use is on the rise, reaching 42% of US broadband households,  says TargetSpot May 2012”
  • “The study also finds that a high proportion of internet radio consumers are engaging in social media activities in combination with their radio use”
  • “Broadcast radio ad recall and response rates significantly increase 3.5%  when combined with internet radio use”

I have always loved radio and come from a 20+year broadcast radio sales career, so when I discovered Blogtalkradio.com in 2009, I knew it would become an integral part of my business content marketing mix. Deborah Shane’s Metropolis has opened up more doors and established my credibility more than just about any other platform, other than blogging that I use.

You do NOT need to have radio experience or be a trained radio professional. It helps, but if you know how to have an engaging, interactive conversation with people, you can host a radio show!

Here are 4 benefits of adding an internet radio show to your content marketing mix

Radio is an Iconic, Mature Medium

Power of listening, theater of the mind, ability to multi-task all make radio an iconic, mature technology that is very inexpensive. Internet/web radio does not require much to run and is one of  the most portable of all media’s with smart phones, tablets, notebooks and computers!

Content Marketing Strategy That Builds Credibility and Reach

Content is the king, queen and prince of serving people information today. Creating and delivering consistent, quality content, to a focused target audience is one of the best way to grow your brand credibility in your field and industry. With today’s internet and web platforms you can easily reach people locally or internationally!

Feature Others To Demonstrate Your Depth, Breath and Personality

A radio show is format is a great way to feature others and at the same time showcase your conversational, interactive skills and knowledge. Doors and windows will open to key people when you want to showcase or feature others success and accomplishments, plus it’s a much more interesting approach for your listeners.

A Well Branded and Marketed Show Makes You Stand Out

Elevate your show presentation by investing in a branded show image, and professionally produced open and close, and a consistent format and delivery and you will stand out from 95% of most of the shows out there!

 BlogtalkRadio.com has quickly become the platform of choice for musicians, artists, foodies, businesses, non-profits, actors, hobbyists, retail and political groups! And for good reason! They have created a community, platform and medium that gives people a personal voice that traditional radio cannot anymore. It is an engagement and content community full of rich, diverse and important information and people. It has built-in all of the essential integrated marketing tools to help promote and market your show on your social media platforms, blog and sites.

I have bundled my blog, radio, social media and email marketing together in what I call “In The Spotlight” to host, feature and promote others. By integrating your media, marketing and branding tools in tandem, you build reach the fastest.

Go to Blogtalkradio.com and take a listen.

One of the attendees told me after the session he had been  “staring at the site and procrastinating on pulling the trigger for weeks”, but was going to go sign up and get started.

You can too! It’s smart, fun and very effective!


Deborah Shane is career author, branding/media strategist, nationally published writer and speaker. She hosts her Toolbox Blog and a popular weekly business radio show that has over 42K downloads! She is a regular contributor to several national blogs and websites, including Smallbiztrends.com, MonsterWorking.com, Blogher.com, Personalbrandingblog.com. Her book Career Transition-make the shift is available on Amazon.com and all major book sellers. Deborah delivers smart, no-nonsense ideas and solutions, which make her a popular go-to resource for national media including CNN, CBS, Fox. Engage with her @DeborahShane, and visit her at www.deborahshane.com.