A little gratitude goes a long way. A card, some flowers, and even the simplest “thank you” can say more to others than you can claim in any article, sales pitch, or blog. These signs of gratitude aren’t just gestures though. They are part of a lifestyle that needs to be implemented within your brand and within yourself.

Rating yourself

Gratitude isn’t just about being grateful or thankful to others though. The first concept is the ability to be grateful that you are who you are. Many people find themselves envious of others who are more successful. Instead, strive to define what success looks like, feels like and sounds like to you.  Most of us, spend more time on our grocery lists than we ever do in focusing on what success “is” to us.

Remaining positive about your own abilities is essential in this particular area. This is because the first thing you have to learn to appreciate is your own self. Appreciate your own abilities so that you can share that confidence with those you meet.

For granted

Avoid taking things for granted. Nothing ever comes easy and it’s well-known that everything we acquire is because of our own perseverance. This includes all of our successes – such as the growth of a brand by meeting customers and developing networking associates. Your clients and associates work with you because they know you appreciate them –and showing that gratitude to others by not taking them for granted and regularly thanking them reinforces your business relationship and ensures brand loyalty.

See the opportunity, not the negativity

One area that many individuals tend to falter is being able to see the situation in a better light. It’s easy to simply say, “I was turned down” when you fail to make a connection. But, how you act, especially in the situation itself, will affect how and what others share about you in the future. Rather than simply seeing the negative side of being told “no,” you focus on seeing that as an opportunity to leave them with a good impression of your business style. You are professional, thorough, and overall determined to make your brand succeed.

The little things

However, gratitude isn’t something you have to slather on thick to show your appreciation. It’s often the small things that others find solstice in.

Smile at others and thank them when you feel the gratitude.

When someone compliments you, reflect gratitude. [tweet this]

When someone holds the door open for you or offers you the comic section out of the newspaper, show appreciation. And as you find yourself more and more grateful for smaller and smaller things, you’ll find that you are that much more appreciated by others.

Keep it in mind

Perhaps the most effective way to implement gratitude into your life is to make sure you’re aware of it. It’s easy to offer thanks for compliment or appreciation for an unexpected meeting opportunity. But, when you keep track of them – even the smaller things – it gives you something to be able to reflect upon and really see how much there is to be grateful for.

And when it comes to your own brand success, you can focus on appreciating the effort you put into it and the network you’ve built that has helped you along the way.


Maria Elena Duron, is managing editor of the Personal Branding Blog, CEO (chief engagement officer) of buzz2bucks– a word of mouth marketing firm, and a professional speaker and trainer on developing social networks that work. She provides workshops, webinars, seminars and direct services that help create conversation, connection, credibility, community and commerce around your brand.  Maria Duron is founder and moderator of #brandchat – a weekly Twitter chat focused on every aspect of branding that is recognized by Mashable as one the 15 Essential Twitter Chats for Social Media Marketers.