Fact:  You have one idea that will make you rich !

If you read and follow the simple advice below, you will identify that one idea that will catapult your brand (and you) over the top; and I mean over the top financially.

photo1)       Fact: Idea generation is easy. You don’t need to have an advanced degree, a stratospheric IQ, or millions of dollars stashed away in a Swiss bank account.  Idea generation is easy.  Here are five EASY tips:

  1. Keep an idea journal and write down 5 ideas a day.  Never go to bed without 5 new ideas.
  2. Don’t judge your ideas; just let them flow. Perhaps 99 out of 100 won’t work; but surely one out of 100 will make you rich.
  3. Don’t be influenced by other people’s negativity.  They’re jealous and envious of you.
  4. Identify things that need to be invented, improved, or replaced. Dare to think the impossible because what used to be impossible is now possible – and this made people rich.
  5. Share ideas with other like-minded people; people who enjoy brainstorming and throwing out creative thoughts.  “Let’s think about it” is a powerful phrase.

2)       Fact: What’s easy to do is easy NOT to do. Everything listed above under Fact #1 is easy to do.  But it’s also easy NOT to do them.

3)       Fact: You qualify ! That’s right, you qualify to have an idea that will earn you a fortune.  The problem is that most people hallucinate that multi-million dollar ideas are reserved for a select few; those supersonic geniuses that are way out of their league.  Not true !  Just watch an episode of the entrepreneurial reality show Shark Tank. You’ll quickly realize that everyone has the ability to come up with an idea that will make them rich.  Most people simply don’t acknowledge their own entrepreneurial brilliance to come up with that new, wealth-generating idea.  Or maybe they don’t believe in themselves.  But the fact remains, everyone qualifies.

4)       Fact: Ideas take time. Innovation, creativity, and idea manifestation take time.  Breakthrough ideas almost never come in a moment of great insight or in moments of great inspiration.  They evolve.  Sometime it takes years to appear.  If you are an “instant gratificationer,” this may be a challenge.  But if you are prepared to invest the time, daily, to come up with your idea and make it a reality, hang on… because an abundance of success awaits you.

5)       Fact: You don’t need a grand vision:  Indeed, many ideas that led to fortune came from previous ideas, a collection of ideas, or ideas that didn’t work out… but led to another idea that paid off big-time.  Coca Cola, Penicillin, and Post-It Notes come to mind.  Start with an idea that turns you on and just see where it takes you.

6)       Fact: When you believe in your idea, you’ll turn it into riches. Once you have your idea, believe in your idea, and envision your idea as a tangible product or service.  Then, you’ll take the necessary “action” to transform it into riches.  Napoleon Hill said, ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve.”

It’s true !


Jay Block is an industry pioneer and the nation’s leading motivational career coach.  Jay is a best-selling author of 15 books, including his latest blockbuster: 101 Best Ways To Land a Job in Troubled Times (McGraw-Hill).  He has a 20-year record of success for creating and recreating the career management industry. His website is: www.jayblock.com