5 Steps to Building a January You’ve Always Dreamed Of

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download-1002802_640New year, new you. At least that’s what everyone’s saying. You jot down a bunch of resolutions. You close the year out with wonderful intentions. But, by the time January 15th hits, everything still looks the same. You look around, and nothing’s changed since December. Of course, this sends your mood off into a negative direction, and thus starts the vicious cycle of “maybe next year.” Start 2017 on the right foot with these 5 tips.

Pick one word for 2017.

Running through a list of a dozen resolutions every month gets old. Eventually, you’ll forget where you’re going. Your goals will become fuzzy, and you won’t be able to accomplish anything. Instead of making a long list of resolutions, I pick one word. This word forges my path for personal growth. Now, that’s not to say you can’t set other goals. But, let them all under the guise of this label.

Make a list of no’s.

If you’re like me, saying no isn’t easy. When I’m not aware of my doormat tendencies, I easily get guilted into doing things I just don’t want to do. Over the years, I’ve given away so much free advice; probably valued into the thousands. In 2017, I vow to put up some boundaries. You don’t have to be rude; just clear.

Become one with your weaknesses.

Admitting your imperfections is admirable. When you come to terms with your faults, no one can use them against you. For example, I’m absolutely horrific at accounting. I should hire someone to keep track of my business expenses. If I attempt to handle it on my own, I’ll muddy the waters, screw everything up, and walk away extremely frustrated. Focus your time and efforts on what you’re good at; while acknowledging and delegating your weaknesses.

Every day, hold yourself accountable to 3 things.

Don’t make a list of 20 to dos every day, and then expect to check everything off the list. It’s just not realistic. Instead, write down three non negotiables. One of mine is getting in at least 30 minutes of cardio every day. It helps my mental health, makes me feel good about myself, and gives me a boost of energy. Focus on these three things, and consider any other accomplishment an extra.

Ask yourself, “How will I give back?”

When you give back, your journey to success comes full circle. Think of it this way. The most successful people in history are ones who contributed to society. It doesn’t always have to be financial. Maybe you want to take on an intern, and show them the ropes of your business. Or, take some time out of your hectic weekly schedule, and volunteer at the local soup kitchen.

The new year is only a couple weeks away. Master these steps, and 2017 will be your best year yet.