shutterstock_222939601At a recent outing in San Francisco, I stopped at Burberry to shop. Most experiences I’ve had shopping at places have been OK, some great; but rarely do I have an experience where I need to tell the world just how spectacular it was.

By providing over the top, knock your socks off service to your customers, you’ll be able to show why your product is worth it.

Here are 7 ways you can WOW your customers by going above and beyond.

    1. Greetings: When I walked into the building, I was greeted by a big smile and a genuine hello. The sales representative asked what I was looking for. As we headed to the third floor, she made small talk genuinely, taking note of details (my other shopping bag.) She was warm, welcoming, and genuine in her approach. I felt important and comfortable from the start. Takeaway: Be genuine. It’s not difficult to be observant and to use your observations to connect.
    2. Be inquisitive: Iris, the salesperson, asked me questions from the moment I walked in to the close of the sale. She wanted to understand my needs. She asked specific questions (and only a few each time) to determine what to show me. Is this your first time to Burberry? Do you have a particular jacket in mind?  Takeaway: Listen to your customer’s needs, and react accordingly. This may seem silly, but it’s actually that easy. If you’re going to make an extended sale, your customer will lead you to new opportunity. If you ask the right questions, your customer will tell you what they want, making the sale much easier.
    3. Be knowledgeable: Based on my answers to her precise questions, she showed me three jackets. It was clear she was knowledgeable, clearly describing what made each special. She informed the what the key holes are for; an homage to jackets designed to hold grenades!Takeaway: Know your product. Know the fun facts and the uniqueness to them. Bring those unique facts to light in your conversations.
    4. Use teamwork: While she was grabbing an outfit for me to try the coats on with (because she wanted to make sure it looked the way I wanted it, too) her team gave me water, provided me shoes, and made sure I was OK. They even hung around to see the finished product and gave their own opinions, each complimenting me in a different way. Takeaway: Make sure your teammates know to help when you’re busy and vice versa. The overall experience you give a customer includes everyone they come in contact with.
    5. Presentation: She decked out the fitting room, making it effortless for me to try on the outfit. Everything was hand-selected and put together. When I walked out, she was waiting and ready to price the look I wanted (over the shoulder jacket). Takeaway: Give the experience they want! Go above and beyond in showing your customer why your price is as high as it is. It’s quality product and quality service. People will pay for that experience. Make your customer know you’re always the person they can count on to make it happen and make it effortless for them to do business with you.
    6. Closing the sale: She taught me how to tie the belt in different stylish ways. We practiced together until I had it down. She asked me if I have any occasion to wear the new outfit and showed she genuinely cared. Yes, even after the sale was done, she continued to make me feel valued. Her eyes never left my sight the entire time. I felt like I was the only one in the room.Takeaway: During the close, add a special gesture. Can you show them how to use the product like Iris did? Can you educate them on something else that pertains to the product? It may take additional time, but it is time well spent.
    7. Follow up: Two days later, I received a personalized email from her. She cited specific items from our conversation and included a video on tying the perfect belt. Overall, she was the perfect salesperson, and a dream to work with. Takeaway: Don’t stop after the sale is done. Show them why they want to continue to do business with you and again, that you really care.

If you’re in SF, please stop into Burberry and see Iris! I highly recommend her.