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  • A Cup of Coffee to the State of the Internet

    Washington, DC creative agency, JESS3, designed a brief, but powerful, video titled “The State of the Internet”. The video went viral, but the lightning speed and exponential growth of the Internet has people asking for updated statistics (the video includes numbers from 2009).

    Here are some key takeaways from the video, along with some 2010 updates, courtesy of Focus.com research compilation:

    In 1995, there were 45.1 million Internet users worldwide.
    In 2009, there were 1.73 billion Internet users worldwide.
    In 2010, there were 2 billion Internet users worldwide.

    In 2009, the average number of emails sent per day was 247 billion.
    81% of those emails were SPAM.

    In 2010, the average number of emails sent per day was 294 billion.
    89% of those emails were SPAM

    In 2009, there were 234 million websites.
    In 2010, there were 255 million websites.
    The number of new websites in 2010: 21.4 Million

    In 2009, there were 126 million blogs.
    In 2010, there were 152 million blogs.

    There were 27.3 million tweets on Twitter in 2009.
    There were 25 billion tweets on Twitter in 2010.
    In 2010, 100 million new accounts were added to Twitter.

    In 2009, there were 400 million people on Facebook.
    In 2010, there were 600 million people on Facebook.
    2010 number of Facebook apps installed every day: 20 million
    2010: % of Facebook users outside of the US: 70%

    In 2009, 1 billion YouTube videos were served per day.
    In 2010, 2 billion YouTube videos were served per day.
    In 2010, 35 hours of video were being uploaded on YouTube every minute.

    Can you imagine what 2011 holds for the digital world?

    Wendy Brache builds and executes personal branding and online marketing strategy for executives and corporations in the high-tech sector. She is the author of Sales Force Branding: Differentiate from the Competition, and co-creator of the Sales Force Branding program. Wendy is a senior consultant specializing in B2B Corporate Social Media, Demand Generation and Marketing Automation, and is also a featured marketing technology speaker and columnist on renowned websites, such as Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference, Chopra’s Intent.com and Denver’s GreatIdeasForKids.com.

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