Acosta Group increases global presence with latest acquisition

"Global Acquisition"

Acosta Group, a leading sales and marketing firm, proudly announced it has acquired CROSSMARK and Product Connections from WIS International. This strategic move is expected to bolster Acosta’s global standing, offering a broader consumer base and greater product diversity.

The acquisition not only solidifies Acosta’s global presence but also illustrates its sustainable growth strategy. Employees from both CROSSMARK, Product Connections, and Acosta will enjoy favorable conditions for significant career development.

WIS International is confident that Acosta’s leadership will guide CROSSMARK and Product Connections to new heights, contributing positively to Acosta’s expanding portfolio. This significant milestone propels Acosta further still towards becoming a global household name.

The financial terms of the acquisition remain undisclosed. Nevertheless, industry experts predict it will provide a robust lift to Acosta’s financial standing, setting a promising trajectory for future growth.

Acosta Group’s growth via strategic acquisition

The acquisition follows Acosta’s successful structural consolidation, which improved operational capabilities and expanded the range of services offered.

Moving forward, Acosta Group plans to continuously innovate its business strategy, emphasizing efficiency and service excellence. The recent acquisition enables Acosta to provide clients with a broader range of digital business solutions through the integration of globally recognized agency brands, top-tier technologies, and talent.

CROSSMARK and Product Connections, both long-standing sales and marketing agencies, have served brands and retailers for over 100 years. Their innovative approaches and commitment to delivering high return on investment build an exceptional reputation in the industry.

Brian Wynne, Acosta Group’s CEO, lauded the talent within CROSSMARK and Product Connections. He affirmed that Acosta continuously strives for impactful innovation to better serve clients and looks forward to seeing the successful integration of the new companies bolster the organization’s abilities.

Jim Rose, the CEO of WIS International, will continue his role overseeing the organization’s inventory validation services operation. He plans to utilize his extensive management experience to drive progress, while ensuring service excellence is upheld.

Wynne emphasized Acosta Group’s commitment to provide tailored services for all brands, citing the success in integrating other firms into their network. The effective use of technology, the ability to retain top talent in the field, and ongoing innovation were cornerstones of Acosta’s success, leading to significant value for stakeholders.