Amp Up Your Career and Personal Brand with 360 Feedback

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By Personal Branding Pioneer, William Arruda

Informal feedback is diminishing in the new world of work now that we’re spending a lot of our time connecting with our colleagues online. That makes actively seeking feedback more crucial than ever for growing your career and strengthening your personal brand. Tools like 360Reach Personal Brand Survey (disclosure: 360Reach is a product of my company, CareerBlast.TV) and other 360 feedback tools can help you get the feedback you need.

Feedback Fuels Career Growth

Here’s how 360 feedback propels you forward:

Spotlight Your Self-Image. How you’re seen through the eyes of others can be a game-changer. Feedback isn’t just about validation; it’s about sculpting a self-image that reflects the best of who you are. It’s the mirror that reflects your authentic brand.

Reinforce strengths. External feedback helps you confirm the strengths you’ve identified through assessments like Clifton Strengths or DISC. Self-assessment results are valuable, but external input helps you own those strengths, knowing that they’ve been experienced by those who know you.

Identify blind spots. Research by Tasha Eurich reveals that 70% of us have blind spots. Embrace feedback to uncover your blind spots – those that could impede your success.

Forge Deeper Connections. When you reach out for feedback, you’re not just seeking insights; you’re saying, “Your opinions matter to me.” It’s the handshake that deepens bonds and reinforces relationships.

Brag, humbly. Feedback is your treasure trove of praise and that’s perfect for dazzling during performance evaluations or as sparkling talking points in interviews. It’s easier to say positive things about yourself when your words are coming from others, “I recently completed a 360 survey and the most common attribute people ascribed to me was ‘strategic’…”

Broadcast Your Commitment to Growth. Seeking feedback isn’t just about self-improvement; it’s a loud-and-clear signal that you’re a leader invested in continual development and evolution.

Strategically Seek Feedback

But who should you reach out to for meaningful feedback?

Pick Your People Wisely. Choose people who know you well. They’ll offer the most valuable and actionable insights.

Get a True 360-Degree Perspective. Gather input from all angles—friends, family, colleagues, and mentors—to paint a true 360-view of your personal brand.

Respect Your Respondents’ Time. Use a 360 tool that provides valuable, actionable feedback without making it a giant time sink for those you include in your survey.

Turn Feedback into Action

Don’t just collect feedback; use it to evolve. Insights without action do not deliver results.

Give Yourself Kudos. It’s brave to ask for candid feedback. Celebrate your courage—it’s a big deal.

Embrace the Good. Nix negativity bias and amplify positive vibes, remembering it takes a quintuple dose of what’s positive to balance out the negative.

Look for Patterns. Seek out the common threads in feedback and use them as your compass for growth. It’s these themes that help you describe your personal brand from the outside in.

Envision Your Future. What’s next on your horizon? Filter feedback through an aspirational lens and spotlight those things that will propel you there.

Bridge the Gaps. If there’s a disconnect between current feedback and future goals, that’s your roadmap for development. Pursue learning opportunities to build the skills you need.

Become a Feedback Enthusiast

Remember, feedback is your secret ingredient for advancement. It’s about transforming feedback from a mere suggestion box into a powerful, proactive tool that sharpens your edge and polishes your personal brand.

Feedback isn’t just necessary; it’s the catalyst for a stellar career and a standout personal brand. Seek it and use it with gusto, and watch as your confidence increases, doors open and opportunities unfold.


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