In the every day social scene, poor connotations arise when we heard of “people talking about us”. However, in today’s highly networked society, it has become a good thing. When people talk about us in the right regard, it becomes a gold star in terms of having developed a strong personal brand.

In terms of career advancement and the job hunt, it is especially important to have people positively speaking about you to their peers and upper management. It is through referrals where the improved placements are made.

On Your Own

A recruiting firm shared that they alone receive 13,000 resumes per month. Their automated software scouts the collection for particular keywords that indicate a good match for the recruiting company. The number then dwindles down to about 600 resumes that semi-qualify for contacting the person. Only a fraction of these lead the recruiters to connect with the person. The recruiter next announced the U.S. average time required for finding appropriate employment is 7-10 months.

The statistics were shocking. But using some sales strategy plus expert help as appropriate, it becomes possible to overcome those alarming statistics and to rise above.

Seek the Right Help:


Styles for resume submittal have changed. Today they reflect many keywords concerning your talent and experience unlike previous styles. Those keywords are read by automated software. Updating your resume is a wise move as it makes an enormous difference in yours being found for an invitation to interview. Your updated resume sells your qualifications for you.

Recruiting firm

Some recruiting firms are paid by the companies seeking employees, while other recruiting firms request that the job candidate themselves make payment upfront. Be forewarned to spend considerable time getting to know the person representing the recruiting firm n order to match well with their closely bonded clientele. Should you see the value in paying for the service, know your budget and ask careful questions prior to proceeding. If the service is affordable, the time spent job hunting will be dramatically reduced. The recruiters speak to their clientele on your behalf.

Added skills

During the time you are searching for the right job, consider whether any of your skills need to be updated. For example, are you comfortable speaking with executives and quizzing them in return, or will a public speaking class help your cause. Read books, articles, and possibly hire a coach to help you strengthen your position.


Wear professional clothing to the interview in which you believe you look your best. Practice in front of a mirror telling your brief story of why you are seeking new employment. Check that you are smiling and look genuine. You are your best advocate.


It has been proven many times over, if you believe you will earn what you desire, you will. Inspiring as many people as possible to speak about you on your behalf and using every tool available within your budget will make an enormous difference in your career search.

Following these guidelines will more quickly lead you to the Smooth Sale!