Attract New Leads with a Professional Gmail Signature For Your Personal Brand

Personal Branding

In the what is now the long era of email correspondence surpassing snail mail correspondence, it is important to connect your personal brand to your contacts in a way that is professional and inviting. Think of it as your online stationary.  In order to keep your business emails from being missed you need to take another look at what people are seeing; not to mention what they aren’t seeing – your contact information along with your branding.

In what way can your personal brand generate more responses in Gmail? The solution is creating a simple, effective, and eye-catching signature with prominent links of where to find your brand online. A line of text or two is not enough to capture the attention of your readers, but rather a consistent branded image that clearly displays what your business is about.

Email today is about nurturing your customers and leads, and making sure that they know your personal brand is professional and attentive. Here are several ways to improve your email signature in Gmail for more views and responses.

 Create a Winning Gmail Signature

Smart business communication for your personal brand begins with a professional image. Use theses strategies to improve your emails:

• Include a branded image – Your logo is prominent on your website and social media. It’s important to include this in your Gmail correspondence as well in order to be consistent. This can easily be added in your settings by inserting the link of your image right from your website, and makes a big difference in your signature. Keep in mind this will be seen both on computers and smart devices.

• Avoid too much information – Keep your links and other statements about your personal brand clear, simple, and uncluttered. Remember that your website and social networks can provide them with additional information, which does not all need to be included in your signature.

• Stick with one font – Depending on the look of your branded image and text on your website your Gmail signature will look best with just one font. The settings section allows for color and size adjustments, and this information can be entered into a word processing software program like Microsoft Word as a two-column table with a horizontal line on the left and your text on the right. Once you create the look desired just copy and paste this into your email signature setting in Gmail.

• Check other brands – Pay attention to the signatures of other professional companies, and this will give your brand ideas on how yours should appear. Some are simple, while others include social media icons, and so on. Avoid duplicating someone else’s signature, but rather use these examples to inspire your own based what your image is online.

As email correspondence continues to be an important component in building your personal brand it is good to pay attention to how others are perceiving you and what might be stopping them from responding to your emails. With a simple review and thoughtful design your brand can stand out to your readers through Gmail, and attract new prospects.