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    How Can You Deal with Clashing Brands?

    Your brand is who you are. It includes your strengths, your goals for future, your experiences from the past, your assumptions about the world around you, your reactions you have to what’s going on, as well as your values and your beliefs.

    No wonder that once in a while you get to work with someone …

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    What to Do With Your Brand When in Transition?

    You are a successful professional, known as an expert in your field, and valued in your circles of colleagues and partners. Your brand is solid.

    But now you’re up to something new. Maybe you’ve gone from being an engineer to being a training consultant, from working in a public school system in Europe to working …

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    Corporate Career Development – Is It Really About You?

    If you’ve ever worked for a company, you’ve most likely had one of those career development talks with your manager. If your manager was any good, you were discussing your strengths, and how to grow in the areas of your passion. However, the career development within a company is, of course, focused on the company …

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    You are a Company, Even as a Job Seeker

    Here you are, trying to get a job. You knock on a door of yet another company you are interested in. You hope they open that door. You hope you are good enough for them to invite you in. You hope they pick you from the crowd that gathered around this opportunity. The process is …

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