Author: Henrieta Riesco

Henrieta Riesco is a founder of www.Intentional As a Career Coach, she collaborates with students and professionals on creating a fulfilling career. Her brand-building journey took her from being a teacher and a corporate trainer in Slovakia to the US where she spent 10+ years working at Microsoft as a customer advocate and a training consultant. The core of her impact lies in meaningful conversations. The goal is to empower professionals to become aware of new possibilities and to feel energized to take action in the desired direction.
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Why is Clutter Better than a Clean Desk?

We all love sunny weather. And yet, at least here, in the Pacific Northwest, when the clouds part and the sun appears, people start squinting and reaching for sunglasses. We can obviously see clearer in cloudy weather.

That got me thinking. I always aimed for a clean desk, organized papers, emptied Inbox, and scheduled appointments …