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    How To Get Rid Of The Golden Handcuffs?

    Imagine you are sitting in a chair. It may not be the best chair ever, but because you feel like sitting in it and you know you can get up at any time, it makes the experience pretty enjoyable. Now, imagine that all of the sudden you realize that you are tied to that chair. …

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    Take Advantage of Your Conflicts

    Growing up, I was taught to avoid conflict – girls don’t fight! Later in life, I started arguing when I saw an opportunity to win and avoided confrontation when the odds were against me. But over the years I’ve slowly changed my opinion of conflict. I saw over and over that when things got really …

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    Why is Clutter Better than a Clean Desk?

    We all love sunny weather. And yet, at least here, in the Pacific Northwest, when the clouds part and the sun appears, people start squinting and reaching for sunglasses. We can obviously see clearer in cloudy weather.

    That got me thinking. I always aimed for a clean desk, organized papers, emptied Inbox, and scheduled appointments …

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    How Can You Benefit From Multitasking?

    Where do you stand when it comes to multitasking? You may see multitasking as a way of life in today’s reality, or you may see multitasking as a myth: as something people believe they can do, but really can’t. Well, one way or another I agree with you.

    Writing a report while listening to my …

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    Being in a Team is Like Being in a Band

    We are always a part of some group with a common purpose – a family, a community, or a team at work. As a flute player and as someone who appreciates beauty and excellence, I like to think of a team as a music band. It can be as small as a duo, or as …

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    Elevator Questions

    There are a lot of resources out there related to the elevator pitch.

    The networking gurus all agree that when it comes to building meaningful relationships the key to success is being interested in the other person.

    From that perspective, having an elevator pitch may sound silly. On the other hand, having good elevator questions …

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    School Success versus Work Success

    What did you learn at school that helped you succeed in your career? We tend to be skeptical and see school merely as a place to get a degree that would open the door for our career to begin. And then we see this big scary gap between learning and experience. I would argue that …

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    Are You Suffering From High Effort and Low Impact?

    At some point you’ve decided that it’s good for you and your career to do certain things. Things like networking, letting people know about who you are and where you are going, choosing positive behavior in frustrating situations, always being on time, thanking people for their contributions, etc.

    Because you are smart, at some point …

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    Are You Your Past or Are You Your Future?

    As a career coach, I’ve heard many of my clients start with, “Well, I want to do something totally different from what I’ve done so far.” This attitude indicates that you are ready for change. That you want to find a new path because you either don’t like where you are right now or you …

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    Would They Like to Work With You?

    After years of working as a Software Engineer, I was ready to go back to my passion around teaching and facilitating. I applied for a “Training Specialist” position.

    Of course, before applying, I needed to re-paint my brand with fresh colors, get into new circles of professionals, position my experience from an angle that was …

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