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    How NOT To Motivate Your Employees

    When I worked in sales for the NBA’s Washington Wizards, there was a weekly staff meeting to discuss team news and department updates. While I always looked forward to the interactive element of these gatherings, there was one component of these discussions that used to drive me and many of my colleagues crazy.

    Periodically, our …

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    How To Be Incredibly Productive Every Day (Part 4)

    If you find yourself lacking energy in the afternoon at work, it’s not because you haven’t had your energy drink yet! It’s because of the way you are eating and taking care of your body.

    A recent study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine indicated that workers who eat healthy the entire …

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    Why And How To Wow Your Customers

    World-class customer service is the best business development strategy of all-time.

    When you exceed customers’ expectations, they will continue to buy from you, and they will tell their friends to buy from you as well. Renewals and referrals create a solid foundation for a profitable business.

    When I worked for the NBA’s Washington Wizards, our …

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    How To Be Incredibly Productive Every Day (Part 3)

    In recent articles, you’ve learned how to be incredibly productive every day by planning the day the night before and by keeping track of how you spend your time. While these practical strategies will definitely boost your productivity, it’s still possible to get thrown off track, especially if you work in a dynamic, fast-paced work …

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    How To Be Incredibly Productive Every Day (Part 2)

    Note: you can click here for Part 1 in this series.

    In one recent visit to the gym, I saw someone filling out a crossword puzzle while using a leg curl machine, I saw another person who took nearly 10 minutes to read the newspaper in between two sets of crunches, and I saw a …

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    How To Be Incredibly Productive Every Day (Part 1)

    Have you ever looked at the clock at 5pm and felt like the whole day just got away from you?  Have you ever felt like an entire day was wasted on minutiae instead of truly important tasks?  Have you ever worked 8-10 hours (or more) only to realize that your most important task for the …

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    The Fastest Way To Become An Expert On Anything

    After failing my first major exam as a college student (note: it’s not wise to begin studying for an 8 am exam at midnight the night before), I decided to create a “studying process.” By using this process during the rest of my collegiate career, I survived college and was able to graduate from Johns …

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    5 Ways To Eliminate Interruptions At Work

    If you want to be successful, you need to eliminate interruptions at work as much as possible.

    When I worked as an NBA executive, my colleagues and clients loved to talk sports. Clients would call all the time to discuss the latest trade rumor or injury, and colleagues would drop by each other’s workspaces to …

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    Why Looks Matter

    Looks matter. If someone tells you that looks don’t matter, he’s wrong.

    You don’t need to look like Brad Pitt or Beyonce to be successful, but you do have to put your best foot forward at all times. You tell the world what to think of you based on how you present yourself.

    Your family …

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    How NOT To Ask For Referrals

    Referrals are a key to success throughout your career, no matter what type of work you do. However, many people ask for referrals the wrong way. Consider the following scenario…

    Imagine that you have spent years building a professional relationship with someone who is a leader in your field. Let’s call him John. Over time, …

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