Some authors view writing books as their sole livelihood while others view the craft as an added dimension to their core business, plus a vehicle for building credibility with their intended clientele. The self-help books need to reveal great content and the reader’s attention must be drawn in for fiction. Upon achieving this, the author’s brand is built.

The brand that books built

Publishing houses are having great difficulty remaining in the black given the drop in the economy, bookstores going out of business and the lack of attention to the new technology taking the industry by storm. The turn of events is having a more adverse affect on the medium and smaller sized publishing houses. They are seemingly caught in the middle of what to do and don’t know how to get out of the chaos in which they are caught.

What does this have to do with you and everyone else? It proves the point that no matter what you do, you must be committed to continual education in order to remain current and maintain the status of being a leader in your field. Flexibility, reinventing oneself and willingness to learn and implement new ideas are the keys to building your brand and your business.

It’s never too late to begin accepting these terms. Those who don’t adapt go by way of Chapter 11 while those who are ready to do the hard work survive and more importantly thrive. This brings to mind the well-known statement, “Survival of the fittest.”

Evolve and thrive

Challenge yourself to investigate the potential of the next best service or technology you hear of to consider if it’s right for you. Early adapters get noticed and capitalize on their new platform. Social media is now a level playing ground. No one has the advantage except for those who take the time to learn the strategies that work exceedingly well. This is an arena where you are able to attract a worldwide clientele.

Learning is only one-half of the equation to building your brand. The second half is to teach what you learn. “We are all students and we are all teachers” is a statement I once heard that rang true.

As entrepreneurs we are continually arriving at forks in the road learning by default which path is more direct. Reaching out to help those behind us by offering advice on which path not to take and advising instead which is more direct will bring about multiple benefits. You help another and feel good in return; the person you help provides referrals and testimonials; and good word of mouth spreads. Alternating between student and teacher will enable you to continually build your brand, your business and sales.

Consider now what new services or products are you able to easily create to further build your platform and teach others? Which communities will want to hear your message and to whom may you be of service or a mentor? As you build on these principles while strong on delivering good content, you will become well known in your field and enjoying many a Smooth Sale!