Be Yourself, Unless You’re A Jerk

Personal Branding

shutterstock_281560097There WILL be stress in your business life. The heat of the moment can cause you to do something that un-does years of good work. So be really careful in the following when the going gets tough:

-Don’t be overly convinced of your own importance.
-Don’t think you are the “exception to the rule” in doing whatever you want to.
-Don’t act only to please yourself.
-Don’t break your word.
-Don’t be dishonest. (You can go to jail for it.)
-Don’t be mean or nasty.
-Don’t kick people in the face anywhere along the way.
-Don’t yell and scream.
-Don’t embarrass others.
-Don’t turn supporters into roadkill when the going gets rough.
-Don’t be arrogant no matter how much of a right you think you have to be arrogant.
-Don’t get good at being bad.

Again, in the words of my mentor, Curt, “Be yourself, unless you’re a jerk.”