Beyond Social Media: Three Advanced Branding Ideas

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When you start to brand your own name or your business, there are some first steps to take when thinking about branding ideas. Social media accounts. Websites. A logo. Maybe even some business cards. If you are job seeking, you want to build your resume based on the image that you want to portray as an individual and expert in your chosen field.

Once you have the basics of branding down, you may reach a plateau of sorts. It takes a lot of work to build on the reputation you have put in place. Never stop looking for new ways to make a bigger, better name for yourself or your business, however.

3 “next step” branding ideas to take with an established image:

Write a book.

The days of waiting for a publishing house to accept your manuscript for publication are gone. Today, anyone can self-publish thoughts and expertise and reach an audience easily online. Even if your book is not a bestseller, it is something else searchable with your name on it, establishing you as an expert. It is also a great way to collect all of your thoughts and present what you stand for in a concise manner. This is instead of sending potential employers or clients all over the Web trying to piece your image together. Entrepreneur Magazine suggests the self-publishing companies Lulu, Booktango, CreateSpace, and Blurb as reputable places to get started in your book-writing endeavors.

Create an app.

If your business has an online presence, then it really should have a mobile application. The thought here is that however people interact with your brand online should be duplicated in a smartphone-friendly manner. To develop one, think about the platforms you would like to run your app on. The ultimate tip to cut expenses is to develop a cross-platform solution, which allows to you reach both iOS and Android users using the same application. For this, you can hire React Native developers or Flutter ones. You might think that app development is a cost that is way out of your price range, but a mobile marketing company offers easy and inexpensive routes for small businesses that want to participate in the mobile app arena. Since many customers just assume that only large companies have the resources to provide mobile apps, it is all the more impressive when a small business can compete in this rapidly growing category.


In addition to writing a book, find other reputable entities that want to publish you too. You can start by approaching other industry blogs and asking to guest post. Think beyond the blogosphere, however, if you really want to earn some industry cred. Seek out well-established journals and magazines, like Huffington Post. You may also want to write an opinion-editorial piece based on trends in your industry. Then, shop it around to newspaper outlets. The more outside sources that consider your voice to be an expert one, the more your customer base and future employees will agree.

Take stock of where your brand exists and where you want it to go. Develop a strategy for moving forward that incorporates a variety of branding techniques and maximizes the image of you or your company.