Each time you engage in book marketing and promotion, you’re also marketing and promoting your personal brand.

How you present your book’s marketing and promoting message is as important to your personal brand building as your website’s home and About Us pages.

Book titles are just the first step

For years, I’ve talked about power of book titles to create strong brands for their authors. I frequently use the example of Jay Conrad Levinson, whose Guerrilla Marketing brand has become the world’s bestselling marketing brand. There are over 100 books in the series, and sales exceed 14 million copies around the world.

Guerrilla Marketing is more than just the title of a book series; it’s a personal brand that brought Jay to speak, coach, and consult on just about every continent where there’s interest in marketing.

But, there’s more

Book marketing becomes personal brand building

The close connection between book marketing and personal brand occurred to me while exploring Peter Guber’s Tell to Win website when I encountered his Top Ten Reasons You Need Tell to Win today shown to the right.

To me, the page tells more about Peter Guber’s approach and ability to project a professional image in a concise and friendly manner than his About Peter Guber page, (which, incidentally, I still haven’t read).

The style and brevity of the copy, the reiteration of “you” in every point, and the use of the Top 10 List countdown format, popularized on Late Night with David Letterman, projects a lot of positive brand-building abilities and traits.

So, is your book marketing also building your personal brand?

Take a few moments to take a fresh look at the way you are marketing and promoting your brand-building book. Is your book marketing consistent in message, style, and execution with your personal brand? Strive for consistency between your book marketing and your personal brand building efforts. If you know any other good examples, please share them as comments, below.


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