Here’s a list of personal branding rules an entrepreneur should know:

1. Keep your personal life off of any social media profiles that were designed to brand you as an entrepreneur.

2. Maintain an entrepreneurship blog – you’re doing something unique – document it. People want to learn about it.

3. Ensure you answer questions regarding entrepreneurship and offer small business advice. It only furthers your brand as a “knowledgeable entrepreneur.”

4. Make sure your email signature makes some acknowledgment of your business and your involvement in it.

5. Talk about your business to anyone who will listen – and encourage anyone who listens to you to connect with you via linkedin or facebook.

6. Maintain an email newsletter/list and update people who have expressed an interest in you and/or your business – and write quarterly or semi regularly updates. They want to listen!

7. Make sure you have regular twitter updates about entrepreneurship. And have the rest be about whatever else interests you.

8. Maintain a website about yourself and your business. Nothing too fancy – just another avenue to tell your story.

9. Enjoy every part of this 🙂