Bring More Visitors and Sales to Your Brand’s Author Website

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Getting your brand’s author website noticed is essential when it comes to building a strong presence online. A clear and attractive message and professional presentation must both be in place in order to capture your visitors’ attention right away. If you are looking to attract new subscribers to your brand then it’s time to take another look at your landing page.

How can brands and authors both capture and nurture their visitors? Not only should your website be up to date with the latest technology, but it should also grab the attention of your readers in a way that will encourage them to want to know more.

The loading speed is still important, as well as a design that is adaptable to mobile and reflects your brand’s persona. Capturing your leads with a valuable option should also be in a prominent place, and should not cause an annoyance to your visitors.

A Stand-Out Author Website

Creating an attractive website is just the start to building your personal brand online. Here are some tips on how to reach the most subscribers and readers for your book(s):

  • Take a look at your About Page – Your biography should grab the reader’s attention in the first paragraph with a focused and engaged description of what makes your brand and work unique. Include your name, the genre, and book titles as well as information such as how your book(s) can help your readers, and what or who has influenced or inspired you as an author.
  • Attract the media and influencers – An Author Media Kit should be in place with a list of books that includes the best of what you have to offer. Keep this section short, and as professional as as possible — include reviews from top sources that your audience will recognize such as any media coverage or interviews. Your goal here is to attract buyers and publicity in a memorable format.
  • Give your readers what they need right away – The moment a visitor arrives on your landing page they should be seeing an eye-catching opt-in that provides something of value tailored just for them. Include an image of your book cover with a simple message to sign up.

An attractive and up-to-date website for your personal brand’s book(s) is just the start to capturing valuable leads. Use a professional email client to stay in communication with your readers with updates, tips, and videos. Stick with your mission statement and create regular content on a blog that will compel your readers to become loyal brand followers.