Change The Way You See Yourself

I recently received a copy of “Change The Way You See Yourself” by Kathryn D. Cramer and Hank Wasiak. The picture above is not a mirror reflection, but rather proves the point of the book. If you keep thinking the same way and don’t use asset based thinking, you will have problems changing the world around you. Asset-based thinking reveals how even the slightest shifts in your thinking can lead to seismic differences. By transforming the way you see your own POWER, your INFLUENCE grows exponentially and your personal IMPACT intensifies dramatically. You won’t be able to read this book in one sitting so your strategy should be to read each part individually (there are 5) and then reflect on what you’ve learned. If nothing else, this book is a reminder that a positive mental attitude can trigger personal branding success.

About the authors

Kathryn D. Cramer, Ph.D. is the Founder and Managing Partner of The Cramer Institute in St. Louis, specializing in organization change consulting, leadership and team development, and executive coaching. She and her colleagues at The Cramer Institute have pioneered the development of Asset-Based Thinking approaches to coaching, consulting, and training processes for more than twenty years.

Hank Wasiak is a communications industry leader who has worked with the corporate elite of global business throughout his 40 year career. He is co-founder of The Concept Farm, one of today’s hottest creative development companies. Hank is an Emmy award winning producer and TV host, author, entrepreneur, and teacher.

Special note from Kathryn

“I feel that the first major section of our book, Change the Way You See Power, dovetails with personal branding by showing readers how to identify their “Signature Presence” – unique set of talents, skills and capabilities, and how to unleash their personal sense of purpose and passion in pursuing career goals and getting business results. I particularly like the ABT communication tools and invitation to chart the future using the storyboard techniques found in the fourth section of the book called Change the Way You See the Future.”

Memorable quotes

  • “Personal power comes from leveraging the assets that make you, you.”
  • “Calling yourself to action in service of a worthy cause gives meaning to your life.”
  • “Showing up is a straightforward act, but it’s HOW you show up that makes all the difference…”
  • “Stand for something…It’s your personal platform.”
  • “Your shortcomings and flaws actually increase your personal power exponentially when you reveal them for the sake of setting an example, righting a wrong, or accomplishing a greater good.”
  • “Feeling the pain, passion, delight, and moods of another creates mutually empathetic feelings of freedom and safety.”
  • “Express the deeper meaning and significance of your call to action in one powerful sentence that reveals your might cause.”