Choose Your Boss Not Your Job

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When you go to a job interview, you get the chance to meet with the people you will potentially be working with and have an idea of the culture of the company. Therefore, it is very important to work with coworkers that you can connect with since you will be spending time with them at least 40 hours a week in the same building.

Many job seekers think that the boss chooses them when they go to an interview but don’t forget that you can choose as well. If you choose your boss wisely, you can progress in your career much faster and unlock your potential. Below you can find some tips which will help you choose your boss in your future workplace:

1. Connection: You immediately know if you connect with a person or not. During the interview, you can have an idea how that person behaves, talks and even you can understand his/her sense of humor. Therefore, you can feel if you can work with that person over the next two to four years. If you click right away, lucky you! Otherwise, it is best to consider other options.

2. Background: Ask the hiring manager his/her background. Why did s/he choose this position? How long did it take him/her to become a manager? What s/he likes and doesn’t like about the company? These answers can give an understanding of the career path within the company. Also, ask about his/her goals. A good manager should have a vision. If s/he knows where s/he is heading, as s/he moves up the ladder, you can move up as well.

3. Communication Style: During the interview, pay attention how the manager speaks. Does s/he often start the sentence using the word ‘I’ or ‘we’ meaning the team or department? Does s/he talk about others working for him or compliment them or is s/he pretty self-focused? You can realize if the manager is a team-oriented or self-oriented person with the help of these questions.

4. Work Style: By asking the right questions, you can have an idea of the manager’s work and management style. Ask what his/her priorities and expectations are. Look for clues to find out if s/he is micro-managing his/her employees or more of a hands-off style person. Also, try to learn if s/he is willing to teach you new skills. Otherwise, it would be difficult for you to move forward in your career.