Choosing the Best AI Tools for Small Businesses to Save Time on Tasks and Improve Efficiency

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In the 21st century, when people are busier than ever and 24 hours can seem too short to accomplish everything you have on your plate, people are constantly looking for new ways to manage their tasks efficiently. Now, more than ever, artificial intelligence offers a variety of automated AI tools which allow businesses to delegate certain activities, boost overall efficiency, and automate workflow.

What is an AI Tool?

AI (artificial intelligence) is the ability of a robot or computer to use the most advanced software to perform tasks that only humans can do. The need for AI appeared with the increase in data and the inability of humans to process it as quickly as machines do.

Data collection is an ongoing process, and with rapid technological development, we advocate the continuous rise in standards for efficiency and time-saving.

For instance, it’s hard to imagine today’s life without an automated tool, e.g., a search engine, sales tools, voice search, meeting note-taking tools, or ATM, that makes our life much easier. The same is with companies.

Artificial intelligence is imperative for modern companies, which appears at almost every business level. Besides well-known ai tools, businesses nowadays are becoming more familiar with robots as personal assistance.

Although thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, and analytics are no longer impossible for any AI tool today, it still requires precise instructions from employees to ensure the best results.

Specific guidelines determine how ai tools should deal with certain situations and patterns, imitating how human intelligence works.

The ability to decrease the possibilities for errors makes ai profitable in business. While humans are prone to making errors, AI is going through constant improvement, which makes it less possible to make an error.

The goal of using artificial intelligence at any level is to speed up and simplify all processes while lowering costs. Given its benefits, AI has become a necessity in market competition.

Depending on the area of business and life, there are different software.

Top artificial intelligence tools and platforms you could try:

  • Symantec
  • Periscope Data
  • Receptiviti
  • Symphony
  • Salesforce Einstein
  • Rain Bird
  • Wipro Holmes
  • Outmatch
  • Polyaxon
  • H2O
  • Amazon AI
  • Google Cloud AI
  • Tensor Flow
  • IBM Watson
  • Microsoft Azure

What Is the Purpose of an Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Whether you sell, advertise, or offer information, try to make the marketing at the highest level possible. Good marketing drives more conversions in every sense.

Today, when marketing business bloom and technologies continuously advance, there is less space for making mistakes. More companies recognize data as the heart of marketing strategy as they are slowly shifting towards exploring marketing automation tools to assist them along the way.

You need to connect with your audience and potential customers for strategic marketing and even have an automated AI contact center to help them easily. To do so, you should research their necessities and predict their future move – determine their age, gender, and interests. Then, based on the data, address a particular group of people or a specific person.

Many people expect companies to understand their needs before they even express them. AI can help you be one of those companies because anything is possible with the right tools.

Marketing automation is especially essential if you run a small business. Because of a limited budget, you don’t have the luxury of spending time and money aimlessly.

It takes a lot of time and people to research the market, analyze the results and make the best possible decisions.

With the right ai tool, you can target your competitors, perform tasks faster and decrease the chances of errors. Moreover, you can process a massive amount of data in record time.

With marketing automation, you can generate more leads via email, cold calling, website, social media, or other channels. Eventually, some will turn into potential clients, convert them into sales and optimize costs.

You should choose an automated tool based on the business goals that you set through your marketing strategy and assign it a specific function throughout the process.

Let’s see some advantages of marketing automation:

  • Minimizing errors – AI monitors and processes data in real time. If all parameters are well adjusted, and the software is appropriate, practically no error can occur.
  • Better personalization – By getting to know potential clients, you will avoid demographic obstacles and get the opportunity for an intense targeted campaign. The goal is to make them feel like they are in a physical store, not a virtual one.
  • Working with data – Working with a large volume of data would be impossible for any human being.
  • Saving time – All repeated actions and patterns that take away precious time are performed countless times faster via the ai tool than by any employee.
  • Can spot future trends – Tools can give suggestions on what to do next, how to predict future trends, and respond to customer expectations.
  • Reduces costs – There are substantial cost reductions considering that the ai tool is a perfectly made software with the given purpose. Plus, all campaigns are entirely personalized, so they can`t be a failure.
  • Analysis of achieved results – If you experienced problems with a campaign or had a lousy business result, you can find out the reasons for such an outcome and fix it for the future.

How to Choose Which AI Writer Fits Your Content Generation needs?

The most crucial aspect of successful marketing is engaging, informative, and SEO-optimized articles.

Almost every content writer, professional or not, has experienced writing blocks. But, even if you aren’t one of them, it can be daunting to find inspiration and write again and again on different topics with short deadlines.

If you write a blog, meta descriptions, product descriptions, posts on social networks, PDFs, or something else, AI will help you get the most out of your creativity.

Some writers fear that artificial intelligence software adapted for writing might replace them.

Maybe that fear is justified because companies have already replaced their content writers with content creator AI and in a short time, there was a significant improvement in results.

However, the human factor must review each content and give it its unique signature because that is still important.

You can decide whether an AI writer will write for you whole articles or help you with that.

There are different software if you want more ideas or additions to your articles and if it’s easier to have the auto content generator create an entire article of high quality in less time.

Also, it isn’t the same if you want to deal with only one niche or are a digital agency. Then it would be best if you had software focusing on several niches.

Anyway, article writer AI has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • The possibility of connecting with potential clients is higher because it can create more quality content in reduced time.
  • They can predict what you will write next and give better suggestions, automatically correct mistakes and formulate some parts better than the writer himself would.
  • They increase efficiency since they can’t have blockades in writing and always have a lot of ideas. The content creation process goes much smoother.


  • There is no such thing as creativity in human-generated content.
  • There is no empathy, emotion, or excitement and no possibility to sympathize with the readers.
  • After a while, articles can start to sound the same because there is no individuality that writers have.

Don’t go for the cheapest text generator. Instead, pay attention to whether it makes your writing process more manageable, how easy it is to navigate the tool itself, and if it generates appropriate keywords that are important for your business. Further, see if it can help you analyze your web page ranking and suggest better optimization.

You can choose some of the available free or advanced software. The best AI content writer is the one that fits your specific requirements and business demands.

These are our suggestions for 5 top-ranked AI writing tools:

  1. Jasper
  2. Writesonic
  3. Grammarly
  4. Growthbar

Start Using an AI Writing Assistant Today to Supercharge Your Productivity & Creativity

So far, you have learned all the possibilities of marketing automation and artificial article writing.

It doesn’t matter if your budget is limited or you are always in a race against time. AI writing assistant can help you do all preparations and provide content ideas and solutions that you can implement right away.

With all its possibilities, it will boost your productivity and can be handy when you run out of ideas.

AI writers have become an integral part of everyday business. So take the chance and make good business results today using one of our top AI writing tools suggestions for small businesses.