Holiday Email Marketing Tips to Cut Through the Noise

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holiday email marketing

The holiday season offers a golden chance to woo your customers and get high conversions for your business. Everyone is trying to make a mark in the subscriber’s inbox during these months. So, it becomes of utmost importance to stand out and create an impactful holiday email marketing campaign that encourages readers to convert.

Wondering how to get your holiday email campaigns right? Read on as we shed light on some great tips and tricks for the holiday season.

Address the customers’ pain points during the holiday season

Besides informing your customers about how your business makes lives easier for them, let them know that you offer gift wrapping. Or if you are a B2B company, let your customers know that you have a range of attractive gift cards. Free shipping and easy returns are some of the evergreen USPs that work even better during the holiday season.

Use segmentation to up your subscriber engagement during the holiday season

Create a separate list of people who purchase from you during the holiday season. Use browsing behavior to create relevant content and product recommendations. Also, track the past purchases to understand what the subscribers have purchased from you in the previous months. Send targeted content based on all these insights.

Win over the customers with video email content

Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have gained immense popularity in the past few years. So, make them part of your holiday email marketing strategy. People look forward to short video content in emails, social media posts, and landing pages. You don’t need to employ videos in everything you do, but try to make it easier to consume with rich media. It will increase subscriber engagement during the holiday season and drive better conversions for your business.

Keep track of the sending frequency

Many marketers make the mistake of resending email campaigns to non-openers automatically. By doing so, you risk sending too many emails to people. This becomes a matter of concern especially because the recent Apple iOS updates have led to inaccurate open rate tracking. And you wouldn’t want people to receive unwanted or redundant communication. It can hamper your engagement and result in higher complaint rates or lower deliverability.

Overhaul your email automation workflows with holiday-related content

More often than not, marketers set the automation workflows and forget about it. During the holiday season, you can revamp the entire automation strategy to suit the holiday vibes. Incorporate additional discounts and incentives in the welcome emails for the people who subscribed during the holiday. The same goes for the cart recovery program and re-engagement email strategy.

Holidays also provide a great opportunity to re-engage with inactive customers. Add holiday cheer to all your emails with attractive product visuals that will stand out. Try to avoid making your emails too wordy as your readers are busier than ever during the holidays.

Take an omnichannel approach

Apart from email addresses, collect mobile numbers on the sign-up form. Use text messages to bring people to your emails on highest-spending days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Moreover, you can also add mobile numbers to welcome and cart abandonment workflows. So, the user will receive both text and email for these notifications.

Make holiday emails as accessible as possible

The holiday season is all about reaching maximum people. Therefore, you must follow all the email accessibility best practices like:

  • Add suitable alt-text with all the visuals.
  • Choose a suitable color contrast so that the important elements stand out.
  • Make the emails dark mode compatible.
  • Refrain from using flashy images or animations flashing between 2 to 55 Hz.
  • Pick the right font size and color to increase the email readability.
  • Place the important information and CTA buttons in text rather than images.

Pay special attention to email deliverability

People are on an email-sending spree during the holidays. As a result, it is quite likely that the deliverability rate gets compromised. Therefore, you must always clean your lists before the holidays. In addition, you can set up a new subdomain for the holiday season. It will keep you safe from the radar of ESPs and ISPs.

Wrapping Up

As your customers are inundated with too many emails in the holidays, it becomes difficult to get the spotlight. However, the tips shared above will give you a concrete idea of how to go about your holiday email marketing and planning.