Content Sources You Can Use Now for your Brand on Social Media

Personal Branding
Social Media Network SEO

When building a personal brand online it’s important to share articles that your audience can relate to. One way to achieve this is through targeted content search. But where can you find the best topics for your target market? There are still several places you can tap into after the demise of Google Alerts a few years ago.

Your brand’s social media tweets and posts need to be both timely and relevant. The best content provides something that is helpful and original, and leads your fans and followers to your blog as well.

In what ways can your brand find the best content to share? Through customizing the right websites that pull from a large source of influencers and top blogs in your industry.

Social media networking is built over time, and consists of a combination of quality articles and interactions. Promoting other people’s articles is a good way to build relationships and garner more guest blogging opportunities in the future.

How to gather the best content for your social media audience

There are several ways to find the latest topics your community is talking about.

  • Social media polls – Just about every major social network offers this great feature, which allows brands to ask questions of their audience. This could be about a particular product, the type of service they prefer, how they are spending their money, ect. This depends on your niche of course, and can provide more insight on what articles your readers want to see the most.
  • Go to the RSS feeds – There are several top content resource websites that pull directly from the most active blogs online. Most of these can be customized according to a list of keywords, and provide daily updates to choose from. If you are unsure of what to schedule for your social media calendar then this is one of the best ways to fill it in quickly.
  • Go into your Klout account – This tool is not just about measuring influence — it is also a content aggregator and scheduler for Twitter and Facebook. Topics are based on what you are known for in your brand which are updated on a daily basis, and can be shared right from your account.
  • Social groups – Get engaged and active in targeted groups in places like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. It’s in these places that your brand can build meaningful relationships and learn more about the pain points of the members by asking questions and providing helpful information.

Taking the time to create your personal brand’s content marketing strategy for social media will not only create a more trusted, and reputable persona, but also opens the door for new opportunities, and greater visibility which eventually will lead to more sales.