Sometimes there’s just nothing better than a handmade dessert or soup cooked from scratch. For me, this happens when I made a reservation by hand, of course, with my blackberry. Thank goodness for the Open Table mobile app; it’s a lifesaver.

While cooking up soups and baking desserts from dough may escape my list of talents, crafting personal branding statements was something that I was blessed with when the universe was handing out gifts. Here’s what I mean. I’m sitting down watching an episode of the Fox cooking competition, “MasterChef” and realize within the first few episodes that the southern sweetheart, Whitney Miller, 22, has found herself a brand.

The Pastry Princess

A University of Southern Mississippi student turned MasterChef competitor, and winner, Whitney Miller quickly emerged as a pastry genius. Her turnip greens and chicken recipes straight from the South were pleasing to Gordon Ramsay’s Executive Chef, and Judge, palette as well but it was her pastries that caught most of the attention. Done right, she can take the MasterChef title, pair it with the Pastry Princess nickname and build a brand that has exponential growth potential.

Shopping list

To cook up a new brand of your own, start with a shopping list of your talents. Get it going like you would a list for any recipe. Just start writing it in list format and keep going until everything you need for your recipe (aka –brand) is on the list.

Mixing it up

Now that you have all the ingredients, it’s time to mix them together. The best dishes come out of recipes that were created with a little of this and a little of that. Using your list, start creating personal branding statements that reflect your attributes, skills and that you feel represent the best of who you are. Play with your ‘recipe’ trying out various personal branding statements until you find one that fits just right for you.

The final touch

Add a pinch of confidence; a dash of self-esteem and a smile. Blend until desired result.