Create Content for Your Personal Branding That is Engaging

Personal Branding

Content that gets noticed is an important tool for your personal brand in which your business can establish itself as an expert in your industry and attract more loyal followers. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and excessive link building — people and search engines are seeking quality articles that offer high value.

There are several ways to craft sticky content for your brand, which can bring more website visitors with the potential to be converted into sales. Knowing the needs of your audience enables your business to know what topics to write about, and encourages people to come back for more.

Building the right content marketing strategy takes an investment of time, and careful research. Here are several ways your blog articles can be more successful:

  • Know what your audience wants – While searching for information your readers are seeking something fresh, which answers their questions. If they can’t solve their problems with your branded content they will choose to move on to your competitors. Make sure your articles are relatable and include eye-catching graphics and video to get noticed.
  • Go where your community is engaging – In order to fully understand your target market your brand needs to be where your community is most active. This could be social groups, forums, Twitter chats, mobile, ect. This will help you learn more about the issues that they care about and how to formulate your blog topics.
  • Write for the reader – When you create a personalized approach to your content you then foster empathy, which can go  a long way when it comes to attracting subscribers who will become customers. In the middle of your “content sweetspot” you will want to present something that answers what your readers want to know and the exact information your brand desires to get through to them.
  • Generate a response – Writing a great article is just the first step — be sure you encourage your audience to respond and share on social media. It doesn’t matter whether they agree or disagree as long as your brand is actively listening and communicating with your followers.

Creating content the speaks to your target market will help your personal brand reach more people in an authentic, non-sales approach. As your visibility grows you can show them your specific knowledge in your area of expertise. Be patient with the process and slowly build your fan base through your articles and interactions.