Create a Successful Content Marketing Plan for Your Personal Brand

Personal Branding

Content marketing is an important element for your personal brand in which your business can establish itself as a trusted expert in your niche. It’s important to reach your target market in an authentic and helpful way.

There are several strategies that can work well for your brand, which can bring more subscribers who can be converted into sales. Knowing the needs of your community enables your business to know how to best communicate with them, and encourages people to recommend your articles.

Building the right content marketing plan involves a steady, consistent flow of remarkable information. Here are several tips on how to make this a success in the coming year ahead:

  • Consistency is key – Put into your content calendar to publish at least once or twice a week. Write articles to not only build more subscribers, but to also keep your readers active and engaged with valuable information they can truly use. Remember that what you are writing is also shared on social media, the search engines, and through a growing mobile audience.
  • Communicate with your subscribers – Get past the one way style of communication — nurture your relationships by reaching out to them and inviting them to your social groups, webinars, Facebook Live events, ect. Ask them questions that can help your brand to better understand how to best serve your community.
  • Promote on other websites -Cross promote your articles on places like Medium and LinkedIn, which both have a high number of readership.  You can gain even more traction by turning older content into videos or an eBook that can be offered as an exclusive sign up for your current subscribers.
  • Be active online and offline – Social media is the obvious choice for sharing your content and communicating with others. It is equally important to nurture relationships outside of the Internet, such as an event or meeting. The more influencers you connect with and create meaningful relationships the better for your personal brand. Make it easy for them to contact you on social media and at your company when you’re not online.

Publishing regular content throughout each month will keep your personal brand in the forefront of your readers online. This method will help you create more visibility, and shows your audience that you can offer them information that they can use and share.