What the heck is curating your career?

Curating your career is collecting information, maybe projects you were involved with, awards you won, campaigns you created and putting it all together in one place in a way that lets people visually comprehend what your career has been about. It’s a little like keeping a scrapbook. You can also include stuff that’s related to your career but not just about you, that helps the social angle.

As a child of the 1960′s and 1970′s, when we had real photographs and we received in depth news via newspapers and magazines we would collect items that we wanted to remember or maybe show off.

We kept scrapbooks. You know the ones that your grandmother wanted to show you or the ones you created for a school project.

I had a scrapbook of newspaper articles where my name appeared. My last two years in high school I was a pretty good quarter miler and my name would appear in the local newspaper every time I finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a major meet. If I won, my name might appear in an article. Pretty good stuff for a teenager in the 70′s. Pictures and articles went into my scrapbook.

Your Career Scrapbook

I have been blogging over the last couple of months on using social media to manage your career.  I have been discussing using blogs, LinkedIn and social media in general to promote your personal brand. One way of showcasing your talent or promote your personal brand is to curate content online or create a scrapbook of interesting webpages, pictures, articles,…

I have been using a product called RebelMouse. RebelMouse allows you to create an online scrapbook. I created the Career Pivot BoomerJobTips page on the Career Pivot website using RebelMouse. I have set it up to automatically pull content from my CareerPivot Twitter feed, other users Twitter feeds, RSS feeds, and FaceBook pages.

At this point you can rearrange the content however you would like by going to the native BoomerJobTips RebelMouse page. It is just like having an online scrapbook.

I found this a fascinating way for people to view content that I have selected. They do not need to be on FaceBook or Twitter. (Yes, a lot of Baby Boomer guys are not on Facebook or Twitter!) Oh by the way it is free or at least for now it is free for the basic features.

Did you have a scrapbook as a kid?  Do you like finding and collecting interesting articles on the Internet? Are you curating content and did not know it?

Go curate some content and promote it among your friends.

(Disclosure – I have no financial connection to RebelMouse other than being a happy customer.)