When you stop to consider being graded in school where an A+ super-ceded all expectations, or a corporate review indicated the same, you smile remembering how it felt. You reflect back as to the difficult road you took to get into that top spot. It was of importance that you get there proving to yourself and the rest of the world you have the ability to get it done.

Get it done

This same effort is required in all areas of life. But for many, it goes unnoticed given the only reward is self-recognition. This thought translates into mediocre results at best.

The problem for business owners and workers who don’t want to put themselves out any longer is they become stagnant hurting their reputation, brand, and future sales. Well-known companies refused to adapt with the times because they believed they had the superior product. At one time they did but time moved on and they went under.

Look inward to regard what your inner thoughts are telling you about where you wish to be headed. Pay attention because this one acknowledgment may very well become your life’s work and brand you as someone who found the power within to deliver beyond all expectations.

List and abilities

Create three lists: Want, Do Not Want, and Maybe’s. Once you have your Want list complete, study each item. List all of the associated learning required. Breaking down the steps entailed for what you do want and prioritizing will make them much easier to attain. The drive to achieve makes you unstoppable.

Your determination and breaking through the ceiling of possibility build you a strong brand. When you reach out to people coming up from behind to teach them what worked best, you become the expert. And this is when you begin to experience the exponential results.

For example, as a salesperson when I decided I was ready to sell to Fortune 100 companies, I stopped at nothing to figure out how to get it done. However, as a beginning entrepreneur, I struggled with the fact other people in my field had PhD’s or were already well known. My uncertainty prevented success. Only when I recounted my capabilities and regained my determination was I able to power up to achieve my inner desires.

It was a long, lonely road. Others tried to discourage me while I did my best to keep a smile on my face and keep on going.

Everything changed when the economy fell. I chose a completely new direction – to study social media. It quickly became apparent how to attract opportunities and sales using this new vehicle. I began to collaborate by trusting others online. Video technology was implemented next.

Adapt, implement and grow>

Suddenly my world began to change. Others viewed me as the expert in my field as I openly shared what I knew on postings. I developed new programs to teach those coming up behind me so they could experience success more quickly. My brand was almost instantly built while new opportunities offered such as delivering inspirational keynotes at conferences.

At this juncture, an ah-ha moment came to next coordinate a Business Retreat in the No CA wine country to sync mind, body, and spirit. The program includes the best of all my programs plus the help of two other experts.

Adapting these skills to your portfolio will enable you to further build your brand and obtain exponential results.