Can you believe it’s the last Monday of 2010? Whether you’re working or job searching (which is a full-time job in itself), today marks the beginning of the last workweek of 2010. My challenge to each job seeker out there is to create a confident personal brand statement before January 1, 2011.

Change things up

To get creative may take a change of pace, setting, or scenery. Each year I head to FL for at least three weeks to regroup, define new business goals, and connect with my inner self. Within those three weeks the transformation in my work, writing, and clients is amazing. What do you need to get creative? Is it a new room? Different café? Weekend trip?

What’s affecting you?

Do you find yourself at odds with your current brand statement? Are you comfortable presenting your personal brand when you’re a job fairs or networking? Have you noticed your confidence years past missing?

Underneath the surface

Below my city girl exterior lays a bohemian country gal that loves to feel the earth against my bare feet. What’s beneath your lost confidence? Has your job search replaced the confident professional in you with a desperate job seeker? Is the tone of desperation seeping through when you attempt to convey your personal brand?

The dating desperation correlation

Picture the most amazing first date you’ve ever from the best restaurant to stimulating conversation and ending with a passion filled kiss. Now, picture the exact opposite date from the slow as molasses conversation to the tragic service and bad food to the well you’re just thankful it didn’t end in a kiss.

The kicker is that date #2, bad restaurant and molasses conversation, has sent you two text messages, called three times, and asked you out twice. Great date #1, that was only two days ago so time will tell.

Date #1 is the confident personal branded job seeker and, you guessed it, date #2 is the desperate job seeker. As a prospective employer, whom would you call back? This is the desperately seeking job situation simply depicted in a dating scenario.